Alison and the Goddess Asteroids

A brief introduction…

Northern School of Astro-Shamanism - Goddess Asterorids - Alison DhuannaThe Goddess Asteroids are in essence ‘feelings’ and a ‘yin’, receptive way of being as a person. They are encoded frequencies in our DNA and this has further led to explorations of Human Design and the Gene Keys, and their relationship to the Goddess energies.

The Goddess Asteroids are a specialised field as far as astrology goes, and I have followed their strong calling for many years. In many ways I was an unlikely candidate having been a tomboy as a child. I had largely rejected most feminine archetypes, especially if they involved obedience to a lesser role than men, so an important part of the journey for me has been reclaiming the Divine Feminine.

In my late twenties I read ‘The Goddess Asteroids’ by Demeter George and immediately became fascinated by them, and the feelings of empowerment they brought. Over a number of years I have taught and continue to teach women’s circles and have learnt a great deal from the lived experience of women, both heterosexual and gay, married and single, with and without children. The path of the Goddess is certainly diverse, and appreciation of this and breaking out of usual stereotypes of how women ‘should’ be, has been a large part of the teachings.

It is also through my direct experience of mothering an adopted child with severe attachment difficulties (Ceres), awakening as an Astrologer Priestess within a more traditional religious family (Vesta), a variety of rather challenging relationships (Juno) and bringing this work into the world through astrology and sound healing (Pallas Athena), that the Goddess Asteroids have become part of me and not just conceptual knowledge.

For many years I worked just with women, yet in more recent times smaller groups of men have become interested in the Goddess Asteroids too, perceiving that they are an important part of every person’s Earth Walk. These are exciting times as women and men relate differently to each other in a truly honouring and sacred way. As we honour women, we honour our Mother Earth and this brings profound changes in perception, action and behaviour. At this present phase of evolution we who embrace the Goddess energies, whether through astrology or other practices, are bubbles on the river, but we are also part of the river.

I am passionate about sharing the wisdom of the Goddess Asteroids with others, whether through 1:1 readings, our Astro-Shamanism events and also through a range of courses, which I am highly excited about, coming very soon! If you would like to know when these resources become available, please come over and ‘like’ our Facebook page at