Our Team

Workshop and Retreat Facilitators

Here at the Northern School of Astro-Shamanism, we have a wonderful team of facilitators, who regularly play and collaborate together. Each of them have incredible life stories to tell, of how they got to be where they are today, which you might get to hear if you come along to some of our powerful events. Another thing they all have in common, is that they are extremely passionate about what they do, and in making a difference to others.

Come and meet our team:


After a successful life in the City of London, Margaret-Mary or M as she is known, underwent an epiphany after her world turned upside down, she lost her job in the 90s crash and her marriage. Moving down from Central London to deepest Wales, she turned to the greatest passions in her life, astrology and healing.

Having trained as a Reiki Master, Counsellor, Astrologer, Sound Worker, and a Crystal Teacher, (she was honoured to be asked by Melody to become one of her teachers in the United Kingdom),  she describes herself as a Spiritual Learner because ‘”you learn me, I learn you”.

She loves giving the workshops she has developed with Angels, Archangels, Dragons and Shamanic Astrology. Most recently she has channelled a series of mandalas with dancing angels, goddesses, dragons and Native American themes. She has had several successful exhibitions in Glastonbury and Frome in Somerset, where she now lives

Website: http://www.msmandalas.com


Susan Shanaz - Northern SchoolofAstro-Shamanism, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, UKIn the late 90s Shanaz underwent a spontaneous initiatory experience within a Sufi context. The download of information she received led her to working with healing energies, negative energy removal and crystals. The later realisation that the information she’d  downloaded on how crystals worked on the endocrine system via the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, was actually scientifically validated by a crystal scientist Frank Dorland.

This led her to undertaking a two year crystal therapy course with Hazel Raven, and subsequently a nutrition course. Shanaz is also a Reiki Master and Creative Kinesiologist, whose fascination is with our personal and collective evolutionary process. Shanaz has facilitated at various spiritual development workshops and has a passion for sharing knowledge, including Human Design.

Website: http://www.healingharmony.org.uk/


Silvia Mutterle
Northern School of Astro-Shamanism - Alison Dhuanna

Silvia has an MA in Anthrozoology which is the study of human-other animal rapport. She is also a licenced falconer of many years experience.

morgana-the-african-eagle-owl Northern School of Astro-Shamanism - Alison Dhuanna

Amanda Oates

amanda-oates-and-zan Northern Schoolof Astro-Shamanism UK - Alison DhuannaAmanda is an experienced Equine Coach whose main work is with children. Her herd of 5 horses Laddie, Millie, Zan, Arko and Luca are all experienced horse healers, working together as a team whilst entering into an altered state in their round pen, where they become very peaceful and meditative. They offer this healing through:

  • Direct, powerful healing through the chakras or injured parts of the body
  • Reflecting our inner world to us
  • Love and unconditional acceptance
  • Assisting participants to stay fully centred and present

Amanda’s qualifications include BA Hons degree, ILM Level 5 Life Coach, Equine Guided Transformational Coach, Zoopharmacognosy practioner, Reiki Master including animal Reiki, Equine Massage Therapist, Crystal Healing for Animals, Horse Whisperer and Warrior Goddess facilitator training with Heatherash Amara. The special essential oils Amanda is trained to use are always a great hit with participants.

Website: http://www.inharmonywithhorses.co.uk


Marilyn Browne

Marilyn Browne - Deepsong Gong CollectiveMarilyn (right in photo, with Kath and Alison) is a Bee Keeper with many years experience of working in a harmonious way with her bees. Bees are wonderful teachers for the Aquarian Age of collective consciousness, and like other animals they have been treated as commodities by the patriarchal system. Marilyn is also a qualified Reflexologist and has studied astrology for a number of years. 


Kath Reade

Sacred Sound Retreat - Kath Reade & Alison DhuannaKath Reade is the founder of the Deepsong Gong Collective, based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. She is also a talented singer / songwriter / guitarist with a stunning voice, whose songs can touch and open the heart of the listener. Kath is a skilful group facilitator. She works with Tibetan singing bowls, drums and gongs to allow sound frequencies to work deeply in the body and spirit. She has a very engaging way of communicating with people, with wit and warmth.

Kath has a rich life experience. She was a carer for her chronically ill mother from an early age, and went on to become a social worker and music therapy community worker in the toughest parts of Manchester, Burnley, and Blackburn, Lancashire (UK). For many decades she devoted her life to championing the underdog, with her guiding principles being the quest for justice, equality, and peace.

Since 2011, Kath has concentrated her energies on music and spiritual pursuits, especially the Sound Workshops. She has a daily Qi Gong practice, studying in the Hua Gong school with Master Zhixing Wang for the last ten years.

Kath Reade - Deepsong Gong Collective, Hebden Bridge, West YorkshireKath is a qualified teacher, with a B.Sc(hons) in Social Sciences, and was for many years a lecturer / course tutor in Further and Higher Education. She also has an M.A. in Women’s Studies, and a Post-Graduate Cert. Ed. She is a Reiki Master, and has a Certificate in Person-Centred Counselling Skills. Trained in Sound Healing by Tim Wheater (Certificate in Sound Consciousness), and as a Gongmaster by Don Conreaux and Aidan McIntyre. Kath’s heart is in her music and in her Sound Energy work.

Websites: http://www.kathreade.com/ and  http://www.deepsong.org