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An Epiphany

In the Ladies Chapel of St Cleer Church I cry alone for something much deeper than I can grasp. Perhaps its the St Mary Ley line running through this beautiful church that has released the tears. Once more I feel the compassionate presence of St Mary and I know in that moment that I will have the courage to open my heart fully again. The pale blue light envelops me once more and I allow the tears to flow knowing they are just what my heart needs.

Where I have sat down at a pew there is a book called Waymarks for the Journey: daily prayer to change your world by Ray Simpson. I reach for the book and ask for a prayer to bring inner peace. I open the book and it is all about Grace and the Cosmos. I recorded the reading which I will upload when I can. Its very powerful and links to the work Ive been doing in the Gene Keys to allow myself to live in Grace. Grace is the Siddhi of Gene Key 22 which is an important one for me and the world!

This is an Epiphany moment when I feel once again the Inner Light of Christ, the presence of St Mary and how this light can pierce through the darkest, ignorance of humanity and my own pain. She must have been an awesome women to bring Yeshua into the world and then to lose him the way she did. Yet somehow this Light has allowed her to stay whole. Sometimes I feel that grief will destroy me, but today I feel hope there is a peace beyond I can reach. I feel a great sense of coming home. There are so many things that have left me feeling excluded from Christianity such as being an advocate for the Goddess energies through my astrology and being queer. In this moment I know all is One and that I am perfect, loved and included. I am the Light and so is everybody else.

Leaving the church my step is lighter and I am looking for the Well of St Clear which apparently cures madness. My sense of humour seems to have returned as I can’t stop giggling to myself about the hilarity of Jay falling down a rabbit hole. Its so Alison in Wonderland! I walk around the church 3 times which is basically the village, but I can’t find it anywhere.

Returning to the van Jay asks a passing person and it is actually really close by on Well Street! I hadn’t noticed that. We drive Ursula down the little lane and hobble to the well. It is covered by a grate. Jay manages to reach her crutch in and dip it in the water. With a damp finger she draws a Celtic Cross on my third eye and I return the favour banishing our madness. Another reason to giggle!

At Carn Les Boels as we lay on the ley lines we had asked for healing around our control issues – we both have Sun Pluto stuff and so this is actually the perfect healing.

Reflecting on the Astrology of the moment Vesta is in Leo aligned to Regulus – the Heart of the Lion, at the moment suggesting a recovery of light and power for the ‘Priestess’ archetype. I had noticed at St Clear church that the vicar is a young woman which pleased me. It is so important that women take their equal footing on the spiritual life.

Our experiences are also very much Plutonic. Jay has Pluto transiting her Moon in Capricorn at the moment which is a transit that can bring up deep feelings, but also reconnection to the Divine Feminine and Inner Mother if you work it that way. The Goddess Asteroids Juno, Hygeia and Astraea are transiting my Moon in the early part of Capricorn.

The retrograde of Pluto and the Goddess Asteroids is likely to bring up issues from the past for another level of healing. I feel a powerful reconnection to the Earth and her mysteries following the ley lines which is connected to Hygiea who is about our natural rhythms. I also feel this unifying of Spirit is connected with Juno Goddess of Alchemy and the Sacred Marriage.

My parents have very strong Christian belief but also they see many parts of who I am as ‘evil’. This was the case when I was a child as well, in fact everything was put down to evil but the thing which was really evil – Apartheid – was seen as normal. Healing Vesta the priestess archetype for me has been a life long journey and I feel today that it healed on an even deeper level.

Clearly from the location of the St Mary and St Michael churches on the Ley lines, which are a natural part of the way the Earth works, that at some time in history we did not have this separation of religion from nature. Sometimes people have mistaken the ‘dragon’ for being nature itself, rather than it being our own primal fire energy mirroring that in the Earth which can be channelled and contained in a beautiful way for healing.

The location of churches on the ley lines is mutually beneficial. The ley line benefits from joyful worship of the people and we benefit from being close to the energy of Earth in these places where it is heightened. We can benefit even more when we consciously engage in sacred ceremonies and arts in these locations.


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