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The Mists of Avalon – Barrow Mump

When travelling through Somerset my mind always wonders to the magic of when this was all fertile marshlands at the time of the Arthurian Mysteries. The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer-Bradley has ignited so many imaginations as to this mystical time in the history of the British Isles.

Barrow Mump is a complete surprise because it so much resembles Glastonbury Tor, even with a small St Michael’s Church atop it. This is one of the powerful meeting places of the St Mary and Michael ley lines as they flow through the church in tandem before curving off into the emerald, curvy landscape once more.

Off in the distance the Tor rises where the Ley lines converge once more, and I am aware in a very tangible way of the Caduceus nature of the energy lines and feel them coursing up through my feet. A group of adolescent runners whizz up and down the steep, sandy path in minutes shouting and laughing. Otherwise we are alone with the sheep, and when we sit quietly just enjoying the place they hardly notice we are there. Even Bongo and Lily are in such an altered, relaxed state that they don’t notice the sheep until they are grazing around our toes! Then there is an eruption of Jack Russel barks

We do a Lemurian sound offering ceremony to the Ley Lines and then we both have some ashes to leave here before our main journey begins. Mine the ashes of a life I wished for – a happy marriage and family. I don’t have that now but I am grateful for the family I am with. Its time to leave another layer of sorrow, guilt and regret behind. Jay is sharing the ashes of a previous partner who died. Under the Pluto Full Moon in Capricorn we are doing lots of releasing so we can begin this new journey with a cleanish slate.

In the evening we stay in a motor home site setting off at dawn to Tiverton in Devon.

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  1. Susan Terry | | Reply

    Very evocative and moving. x

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