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Moana ‘Sea Priestess’

This week I have been inspired by the latest Disney film, Moana, the new Polynesian ‘anti-princess’ challenging female stereotypes.

Moana’s story has many magical connections to my own journey, especially the theme of navigating by sea. Through the work of the anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl I became familiar with the history of Moana’s people. Kon-tiki (2014) is a film about the extraordinary journey Heyerdahl took on a raft across the Pacific ocean from South America, to prove that the people of Polynesia came from the West. Heyerdahl said they came from Peru and their god was called Kon-tiki. This is what the shaman had told him in the Polynesian tribe he lived with for a number of years.

The Inca say that these tall, fair gods which include the ‘good guy’ Kon-tiki came from the North. If you are familiar with my blogs you will remember that I’ve been on the trail of these ancient navigators from the Orkney Islands to La Gomera to Anglesey in Wales. I am very excited to be embarking on an advanced course with the Peruvian Shamanic Teacher don Oscar Miro Quesada later this month and so it feels a hoop of ancient memory is being being healed.

Moana sets off to sea to heal the heart of the Earth Goddess with a gem stolen many generations earlier by the trickster god Maui. Moana is told the story by her Grandmother, who is a Medicine Woman who dances with the sea.

The film reflected two of the Goddess Asteroids and their transformation in humanity perfectly. Vesta the sacred priestess archetype is represented firstly by Moana’s grandmother. Moana also has to completely step into her power when she is let down by the Demi-god Maui – in fact in turns out to be her not the god who has to restore the Goddess. This is a very strong Vesta theme – the need to know our own spiritual power and not project this outside ourselves onto a patriarchal god.

In the Earth Goddess we see the rage of mythical Ceres as she ravages the land. As my friend sitting next to me whispered ‘she has a very bad case of PMT’. Eckhart Tolle has an interesting theory that PMT is the collective rage of the repressed Divine Feminine which all women process. This is why we cannot heal the outer world until the Goddess within is restored and honoured in all her dimensions. Moana will go a long way to doing this in the popular culture.

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Below is a link to a review about the film Kon-tiki. It is a gripping and astounding film really worth watching if you are interested in ancient history.



Oti Mabuse – African Phoenix Bird

South African dancer, Oti Mabuse, has risen from the ashes of Apartheid to take her place as a Shining Star in the world of dance. In the latest season of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, she has become renowned for her incredible choreography and her ability to bring out the best in her partner Danny Mac. To see the electricity between them, their perfect synchronisation and the friendship which has grown between them over this series has been beautiful to watch.

I am 20 years older than Oti, born in Johannesburg in 1970. Had she been born in my generation life may not have been so kind to her. This is why my heart so deeply applauds that she has risen from the many wounds and ancestral problems Apartheid, which means ‘separation’, caused. Had Oti been born in 1970 under Apartheid the following laws would have applied.

  1. It was illegal to marry or have relationships across racial boundaries and people were vicious if you tried it. I once nearly got beaten up as a teenager for holding my African boy friend’s hand in public.
  2. When you went into shops there was a White side and a Black side.
  3. Children were educated separately so friendships across racial boundaries were rare.
  4. African people lived in Townships away from White people and usually in shocking conditions e.g in shacks with no sewerage or electricity. Indian and ‘mixed race’ people also lived in Townships but you it was deeply segregated. You had to get a special permit if you were African and wanted to enter the Indian area.
  5. African children were educated to be servants, not to think for themselves or to have careers. They were taught in Afrikaans, not their native language and art was banned. This seemed particularly cruel as creativity expressed through song, dance and theatre is so intrinsic to African culture.

The first glimpse I had of Oti’s real courage was when they got the highest marks ever for a Samba. Oti choreographed this in a very ‘tribal’ way with traditional music. Danny Mac said he had never ‘let go’ so much in his life. This felt like a real reclaiming of Oti’s African tribal heritage and it was FAB-U-LOUS.  In their show dance last night Oti went barefoot and this too evoked for me African dance – feet moving in perfect rhythm across the Red Earth, the oldest continent. Sometimes it can take generations for people to heal from war – low expectations is one of the more hidden
psychological wounds many of us carry. I felt uplifted and in awe as I saw Oti rise like the Phoenix Bird from the ashes.

I was delighted that Ori did so well. Of course I wanted Oti and Danny to win but Ori was gorgeous. His parents were there from Nigeria to see him. It was a wonderful night for the healing of African people, the unity of Black and White, the Male and Female which symbolically is the healing of the whole world.

A Mayan Blue Galactic Storm

Today is Mayan Blue Galactic Storm in the Year of Blue Spectral Storm. A powerful portal in the space-time continuum awaits your attention.
The Affirmation for today is:
I Harmonize in Order to Catalyse,
Modelling Energy.
I seal the Matrix of Self-Generation.
With the Galactic Tone of Integrity.
I am guided by the power of Abundance.

“Time is of the mind. Change your time and change your mind.
Time is the unifying field that holds all things together.
Time is art.” Jose Arguelles

This Hubble Space Telescope image shows Sirius A, the brightest star in our nighttime sky, along with its faint, tiny stellar companion, Sirius B. Astronomers overexposed the image of Sirius A [at centre] so that the dim Sirius B [tiny dot at lower left] could be seen. The cross-shaped diffraction spikes and concentric rings around Sirius A, and the small ring around Sirius B, are artifacts produced within the telescope’s imaging system. The two stars revolve around each other every 50 years. Sirius A, only 8.6 light-years from Earth, is the fifth closest star system known. Sirius B, a white dwarf, is very faint because of its tiny size, only 12,000 kilometres in diameter. White dwarfs are the leftover remnants of stars similar to our Sun. They have exhausted their nuclear fuel sources and have collapsed down to a very small size. Sirius B is about 10,000 times fainter than Sirius A. The Mayan Dreamspell Calendar was gifted from Sirius to assist Human Evolution and return us to our true nature as Guardians of the Earth.

Astrology of the Constitution of Standing Rock 1959 (3 of 3)

Researching Standing Rock Reservation from England it was important that I find the history written  from a Native American Point of view. I found a PDF online by LaDonna Brave Bull Allard which is where I got the information for these blogs.

It struck me that the date the Sioux themselves formed a Constitution for the Standing Rock Reservation on the 24th April 1959 was particularly important. The Astrology for this date illuminates the greater cosmic patterns unfolding, especially when considered in relation to the planetary movements today.

The Constitution was signed on a day when the Moon was conjunct Ceres (Mother Goddess) and Jupiter in the last degrees of Scorpio. This is a very important part of the zodiac as it’s the place of emergence from the cosmic underworld. It is also symbolically a ‘Black Snake’ in the heavens. It is therefore highly syncronistic that what lies in this part of the zodiac today is a conjunction of Astraea, Hygeia and Juno. In a nutshell what this frequency represents is the Golden Age of Sacred Arts and Natural Rhythms being rebirthed. The equality of men and women is also very important. I have been involved in many political struggles in my life but what is different about Standing Rock is that it is unequivably spiritual and creativity plays a central role in the way the Sioux express themselves. This is what gives it the Goddess touch.

The other wonderful aspect in the 1959 chart is that the North Node is aligned to Pallas Athena and Juno in Libra. This feels a harmonious expression of the Warrior Goddess and Sacred Lover energies – as if what would be born at Standing Rock was the celebration of the strength and power of women and equality with men. Jupiter has been transiting this part of the zodiac so we could expect an expansion of this consciousness now. This is further echoed in that Pallas Athena is transiting Chiron the Wounded Healer at the time the Constitution was signed. There is a strong energy present of the healing of the wounds of the archetypal Warrior Women.

In the blog for the founding of the Standing Rock Reservation I mentioned a very rare conjunction of Pluto, Uranus and Saturn at 3 degrees Taurus. What is interesting is that the Sun was also at 3 degrees Taurus when the constitution was formed connecting these two dates. The light and warmth of Father Sun was shining upon the previously very challenging patriarchal energies. Standing Rock in its name is very much the energy of Taurus, the Fixed Earth sign of the zodiac.

Finally, there is a Vesta return happening now – Vesta being in the same place in the zodiac as she was in April 1959 which is pretty awesome. Vesta is the archetypal Priestess or Medicine Woman. Even more importantly she helps us to re-member that we find our pathway to Spirit through our hearts – not through a male authority who gives us permission. This is a very special time for Priestesses, Medicine Women and the Power of Prayer. I know my fellow Sisters and Brother Shamans of Celtic, Viking and other enthnicities of the British Isles Stand with you at Standing Rock. Ho!

Love and Blessings

 Alison (Blue Spectral eagle)

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A Lakota Creation Myth and the Mysterious Trickster? (1 of 3)

trickster, coyote, standing rock, Dakota, Sioux, creation, myth
For this blog I wanted to research the founding of the Standing Rock Reservation and look at the planetary influences of the time, and how they are being triggered today. For a while I’ve been pondering that the Secretary of State for Britain Boris Johnson bears a crazy resemblance to Donald Trump. (The Hair) Both men are openly mysogenistic, racist and homophobic. Both have brought about enormous political change and yet they both come across as bumbling idiots (sorry to be rude!). The word ‘Trickster’ has been swilling around my thoughts, or perhaps more aptly ‘Dangerous Trickster’.

I was fascinated then to find the Lakota story of Standing Rock in a PDF written by LaDonna Brave Bull Allard which begins thus

“The Origin of the Oceti Sakowin-Pte Oyate

The Oceti Sakowin is represented in the sky the Red hoop is the womb with a newborn emerging, that newborn is Tokahe the leader, and the hoop is Wind cave with Tokahe leading them out. So we can see this is the Big Dipper of which the Oceti Sakowin is represented. This is our beginning.


In the beginning of time Maka’ or Mother Earth was created for all living beings. Life in this time was of harmony and happiness for those living creations of Wakan Tanka. Then one day, a trickster named Iktomni came to this world to persuade one of the two-legged beings to come out of this world by attempting to convince him that there was a better world above to live in. He came with his message to a man known as Tokahe or the first man. Pte, the holy man of the people, tried to warn Tokahe of the dangers that existed should he follow the trickster into this new world. Pte was a man of great wisdom or woksape. His power of wisdom and knowledge was the guidance of the two-legged, but the power of the Iktomni was so convincing that Tokahe followed the trickster into this new world through an entrance that is located in the Black Hills or He’ Sapa. This entrance was to become known as Washun Niya, or as Wind Cave. Tokahe returned from this new world had great praise for all the things that he experienced in his journey and attempted to convince the others that they should follow him back to this new world. He wanted them to see with their own eyes of all that was greater in this new world.

Pte, the holy man, being gifted with great wisdom had the power to foresee the future. Within this ability, he saw things that would cause great hardship and suffering for the people in this world above. But, despite the warnings, Tokahe was able to convince the people, as he was by Iktomni, to follow him into the new world through Washun Niye. The responsibility of Pte was to place the concerns of his people first, and himself, second. It often creates hardship for holy man but Pte accepted this great responsibility, and followed the people into this new world. He knew that the needs of the people for Wicozani or wholeness would be difficult, and harder to obtain in this new world. As Pte emerged from Washum Niya he changed into a great shaggy beast. A being that could provide the needs for the people in this new world. As Pte or Tatanka, he could provide food, shelter, clothing, ceremonial objects, and everyday things so the people could live. Pte gave his life so the people could live. The only requirement was for the people to never forget where they came from, and to acknowledge the past.”

One thing astrology shows us is that patterns repeat, however all the time as humans we have the capacity to quantum leap to a new level. I feel the Dakota people in making this stand have changed the course of karmic history. We have been offered a dream of comfort by capitalism ,and yet we face a mass extinction crisis on Earth and extreme poverty for millions of people.

Globally, and certainly where I live in England, the events at Standing Rock have been a catalyst of enormous awakening. This has been a totally different kind of protest – spiritual at its core and globalised though social media.  It seems today that the powers of Yin have succeeded – by that I mean the Dakota have not taken up arms but have peacefully and creatively stood up for the Earth. This is a great triumph for the Goddess energies breaking through the patriarchal structures. Aho and thank you to all the people of Earth who through their ceremony and effort have contributed. Deepest Gratitude to those on the front line who stood firm against the cold water, the rubber bullets, tear gas and aggression. You are heroines and heroes.

Bog 2 will look at the Astrology chart of the formation of the Standing Rock Reservation and Blog 3 the Formation of a Constitution by the Dakota/Lakota peoples for the Reservation. Both give a fascinating insight into the greater cosmic energies at play and specifically the Goddess Asteroids.

Love and Blessings

Alison (Blue Spectral eagle)

In January I will be launching the first ever Introductory Goddess Asteroid online course. It will be a course to enhance your yin energy and experiential in nature. No experience of Astrology is needed for this Introductory 7 week course. The Course is £77. If you want to be kept informed of launch with some freebies to try out please send me an email at astroalison@gmail.com 


Can Sacred Arts Really Transform the World?


Art reflecting Heaven Above and Earth Below
Art reflecting Heaven Above and Earth Below

According to the Astrology chart of the New Moon, Sacred Arts can make a big difference! I was very excited to blog today as there has been some extraordinary dance, song and visual arts emerging from Standing Rock. I have been wondering how the Astraea (Goddess of Sacred Arts) and Hygeia (Natural Rhythms) conjunction would manifest in the world and I was positively gleeful when it arrived. To the Native American’s sacred arts and music are the very foundation of a harmonious culture.

The New Moon today is in Sagittarius and conjunct Astraea and Hygeia in Scorpio.  The New Moon is also exactly conjunct Juno Goddess of the Sacred Marriage. Juno is the Goddess who births the Spirit into Matter in the alchemical transformation of human consciousness. What I love about the Goddess Asteroids is they always seem to offer a positive solution. What this Moon is saying is ‘sacred arts can transform energy in a powerful way’. Left brain people may scoff at such an idea believing the intellect to be our only means of change. However we only need to review the history of the last few thousand years to realise that the left brain cannot do a damn thing about the big problems in the world. The creative and empathetic brain on the other hand can craft miracles in the web of time and space. This is the perfect Yin and Yang balance united by Juno.

Empathy has been on my own mind. Recent political events have left many people who are empathic in a state of shock. Being empathic takes a lot of strength as a person as often you feel you are alone. When people do listen to your message of peace and equality you are ignored, or if you do start to make an impact persecuted if you threaten the powers that be. Empathy is not a choice for those who feel it and Ive realised in recent weeks that it is a form of enlightenment. It sounds obvious when I say it, and I don’t mean it in an arrogant sense. I think a lot of empaths are very self-critical and actually need to clear the moss from our eyes and realise that we are very strong. Often we chose difficult circumstances to be born into, often these have led to mental health problems and there are many empaths still in dark places who need reassurance. We have done good, we are loved and we are strong. ‘Let us return to the pure empathy and passion of our youth’ is my prayer for today.

Alison Dhuanna (Blue Spectral Eagle)

Turquoise Turtle Global Village

Turtle has 13 Moons on her back
Turtle has 13 Moons on her back

My imagination has been captured this week by the incredible journey of the rare Turtle named ‘Menai’ who is originally from the Gulf of Mexico. She ended up in the Menai Straits in Wales under the November Super Moon. As a sailor myself in the Menai Straits it is noticeable the difference Super moons and eclipses make to the power of the tides. She is currently recovering in the Anglesey Sea Zoo and is doing well.

It took me back to 2005 when Turtle appeared as a ‘Power Animal’ in my life and inspired me to initiate a pen pals project between children in Birmingham and Johannesburg called Turquoise Turtle Global Village. Turtle is very special as she has a pattern of 13 on her back so she is said to reflect the moon cycles.

One of the messages of Mother Turtle then was that she connects all people through the oceans. Another message Turtle brings is that whilst all may appear very challenging on the surface, in the deep ocean greater stories are unfolding. I feel symbolically her journey is connecting the British Isles shamanic traditions with the Mayan/Andean traditions. Below is a link to the BBC article about ‘Menai’ to read the original story


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A Strategy for Holding a Vision of Peace

Dragonfly - medicine of transformation powered by water

Dragonfly – medicine of transformation powered by water.

Humanistic astrology’s core belief is that choice and free will decide our future. In any moment whether personal or collective there is no pre-determined outcome. In the UK and USA with recent political events we must accept that those wanting equality and peace in the world are still a minority. We are in a dawning Golden Age but it is not beyond the realms of possibility that another world war will occur in the transitional period as the old structures crumble and there is chaos as those in power fight for control.

The Second World War was in part triggered by a Uranus Pluto square (which has also been aspecting the past few years). With the rise of China and India and the uncertainty which now exists we are right to worry about war because this is what has happened historically. Brexit is extremely significant because the structures which held countries in check, the European Union has begun unravelling and in the USA, we now have a leader willing to use violence and chemical war fare against its own citizens. Ceres, Eris and Uranus whilst suggesting shocking events may occur, also suggest a time when the Divine Feminine energies may be liberated. These two things clearly co-exist now and Standing Rock is where it is all playing out.

The key issue in this moment seems to be how to hold the vision of peace without losing heart, feeling powerless and falling into despair. We also are remembering the ways that held peace in past civilisations before the Great Flood – ceremony, sound and light healing to raise vibration, architecture, sacred places upon the Earth which can be kept activated.

As if in answer to my prayers for help for my own despair, yesterday I attended a Buddhist meeting to support a friend who was sharing her experience of marriage break up and adoption – a story very like my own. At this meeting, I heard the most amazing and inspiring story which I’d like to share.

The story begins with a monk Nichiren who was born in 1222. Nichiren stood out because he was the only voice in Japan at the time calling for politicians to serve the people (and not just get rich). His teachings were also that men and women are equal and that no matter what social class you come from you can attain enlightenment. He simplified the complex teachings of the time only accessible to a few, to the Lotus Sutra. The words to this Sutra are ‘Nam Myoho Renge Kyo’ and reciting it raises human vibration awakening the Buddha within. For his views, he was persecuted, his house burnt down, sent into exile and the state tried to buy his compliance. Nichiren would not back down though – he was a monk of the ordinary person and he could not be corrupted in the way the other monks were.

His mantle was taken up in the 1930’s by a school teacher Makiguchi. At this time the Japanese school system was very militaristic with children being brainwashed from an early age to give their lives for the state in the event of war. Makiguchi believed childhood should be for play and happiness and his strong belief led him to the Buddhist path of Nichiren. Following the bombing of Pearl Harbour Makiguchi became even more passionate and vocal about the extreme loss of life and damage to the community he was seeing. He was imprisoned and died before the end of the war. One of his students Toda had also been imprisoned and was released to the devastation and misery of Japan following the war and the nuclear bombs. Malnourished himself, the fire in Toda’s heart had only increased and he began to give talks about the teachings of Makiguchi and Nichiren and the desire for a peaceful world.

‘Soka Gokkai’ as the religion is called has become quite popular in Japan though the State still invest a lot of time and advertising in discrediting it. I found it very inspiring to hear this story, the fortitude of these people despite everything being against them. I was particularly inspired that there is a religion in the world which embraces women as equals and gay and transgender people. The message which has survived is that everyone has the Buddhic nature within and this is totally what I believe.

I hope that this story brings inspiration to you too if you are feeling some despair about the political issues in the world. We are in a fortunate position to be able to be a global community across national boundaries at this time, and this I believe is our greatest strength. The anchoring of the Divine Feminine through art and culture is something we can also all do now and it is vitally important, the most important thing we can do now to restore balance to our world. We can use the Ceres Uranus conjunction to our advantage and ride this dangerous wave of liberation we have found ourselves upon.

I sing and chant daily to my Pachakuti Mesa a special altar I learned from don Oscar Miro Quesada. It is empowered by generations of traditions of healing medicine in the Andes mountain and coastal regions along with all the magic I’ve brought it from the Western Mystery schools. It is important to remember our own Buddhic nature every day and be grateful for it and to pray and sing for the issues that are important to each of us. Creating an altar strengthens intention and focus and is a portal to the quantum realms where anything is possible.

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Message Me
Message Me

Closest Full Moon in 69 Years

instagramcapture_dcf7bd46-f910-481c-b544-c3d1dc6b321e This evening at 5pm UK time we will see the largest and brightest full moon in many of our lifetimes as it makes its closest run to the Earth in. This position is called Perigree and it is a time where the Lunar energies have the most impact on Earth. The tides will be both higher and lower than usual. It’s possible the earthquake in New Zealand yesterday was triggered by the pull not only on the ocean but also the molten lava within Mother Earth, so it is very powerful. We will not see another moon like it until 2034.

I have been contemplating the ‘Shadow of Intellect’ and Gene Key 62 for a couple of weeks and it seems an excellent day to be persuading the readers of this delicious blog of the benefits of a new (but also very old) Lunar way of expanding the mind.

Intellect is generally considered a positive trait in our society, so when does it become a ‘shadow’? We live at a time where society globally faces enormous challenges. We are mostly meeting these challenges through the intellect, but is it enough? We are immensely creative as human beings and often we can think up a solution to problems. The place where I work has just installed an Earth heat pump so I’m sitting here very cosy whereas last year I had my coat on inside to keep warm. This system has a very low carbon footprint and whole towns and cities could run this way using completely natural energy. Yet we are still in a situation where those in power seem hell bent on causing environmental damage through poisoning water sources to obtain and move gas and oil when it is not necessary.

The gift frequency of Gene Key 62 is ‘Precision’ and this seems to offer the potential genius and excellent decision making that an integrated left/right brain approach brings. When we open our hearts to nature and people we make the best decisions for the longer term. Working with the forces of nature opens up infinite possibilities for the betterment of all human beings. In Native American traditions the simple concept of not doing anything which harms the children of the next 7 generations brings a totally new perspective to decision making processes.

The Siddhi or highest gift of Gene Key 62 is ‘Impeccability’. What a wonderful word. I leave you to Moon Gaze this evening contemplating this word and the power animal of this Gene Key which is ‘Woodpecker’. Dance, play music, make art, see beauty, dream for these are the Lunar Ways.

Blessings from Blue Spectral Eagle (aka Alison Dhuanna McCabe)

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