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Closest Full Moon in 69 Years

instagramcapture_dcf7bd46-f910-481c-b544-c3d1dc6b321e This evening at 5pm UK time we will see the largest and brightest full moon in many of our lifetimes as it makes its closest run to the Earth in. This position is called Perigree and it is a time where the Lunar energies have the most impact on Earth. The tides will be both higher and lower than usual. It’s possible the earthquake in New Zealand yesterday was triggered by the pull not only on the ocean but also the molten lava within Mother Earth, so it is very powerful. We will not see another moon like it until 2034.

I have been contemplating the ‘Shadow of Intellect’ and Gene Key 62 for a couple of weeks and it seems an excellent day to be persuading the readers of this delicious blog of the benefits of a new (but also very old) Lunar way of expanding the mind.

Intellect is generally considered a positive trait in our society, so when does it become a ‘shadow’? We live at a time where society globally faces enormous challenges. We are mostly meeting these challenges through the intellect, but is it enough? We are immensely creative as human beings and often we can think up a solution to problems. The place where I work has just installed an Earth heat pump so I’m sitting here very cosy whereas last year I had my coat on inside to keep warm. This system has a very low carbon footprint and whole towns and cities could run this way using completely natural energy. Yet we are still in a situation where those in power seem hell bent on causing environmental damage through poisoning water sources to obtain and move gas and oil when it is not necessary.

The gift frequency of Gene Key 62 is ‘Precision’ and this seems to offer the potential genius and excellent decision making that an integrated left/right brain approach brings. When we open our hearts to nature and people we make the best decisions for the longer term. Working with the forces of nature opens up infinite possibilities for the betterment of all human beings. In Native American traditions the simple concept of not doing anything which harms the children of the next 7 generations brings a totally new perspective to decision making processes.

The Siddhi or highest gift of Gene Key 62 is ‘Impeccability’. What a wonderful word. I leave you to Moon Gaze this evening contemplating this word and the power animal of this Gene Key which is ‘Woodpecker’. Dance, play music, make art, see beauty, dream for these are the Lunar Ways.

Blessings from Blue Spectral Eagle (aka Alison Dhuanna McCabe)

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Yellow Galactic Sun – A New 820 Cycle Begins

Friday 4th November a new 820 day cycle begins. It will begin a two and a half year powerful transmission of Galactic Solar energies. According to science at least Nine healing frequencies are channeled to Earth through sun light. My feeling is that we will be receiving even more beautiful light frequencies in this period. Lets soak it all up. There will be an increase in frequency transmissions from Sirius, Alcyone and other star systems which will enhance our unity consciousness and desire to take care of Earth. Let our prayers be heard in the deepest part of the Universe for the Dakota at Standing Rock and all others in the world standing strong to protect the Earth.

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Deja Dova – Footsteps in the Stars


Preservation of the Goddess Asteroid Archetypes and the Gene Keys


Goddess uncovered in Turkey
Goddess uncovered in Turkey

Recently I have been exploring my Hologenetic Profile and also the profile for the birth of the School of Astro-shamanism in 2016. I was delighted to find that three of the Gene Keys are the same for both profiles. This article will explore Gene Key 32.

Every Gene Key, of which there are 64 relating to the i-Ching and DNA structure, has a shadow, a gift and a siddhi. The siddhi is the ‘essence’ and the highest expression of the gift. Gene Key 32 is as follows:

Siddhi: Veneration

Gift: Preservation

Shadow: Failure

This got me thinking about my extraordinary journey with the Goddess Asteroids, which has been a connection to the purest archetypes of the Divine Feminine. The veneration of these ancient archetypes is a core part of the healing needed to reintegrate the Divine Feminine and Masculine.

In my early thirties I came to read a book called ‘Inanna: Lady of the Largest Heart’ by Betty De Shong Meador. This precious book is a decoding of the poetry of the Sumerian High Priestess Enhedhuanna uncovered on stone tablets in present day Iraq. The poems are beautiful and the passion of Enhedhuanna captured my imagination and my heart. That she came from what is today an area known for the oppression of women made it all the more important to me to remember Enhedhuanna as a powerful woman. I was astounded around one year later on a visit to the Space Museum in the UK to find her also listed as the oldest known (6000BC) and only female astronomer of note.

The Goddess Asteroids were named after the Roman Goddesses. There are of course influences from other cultures such as Greek, Egypt, Native American, African and Celtic which have been part of my growing love of the deep complexities, wisdom and wholeness of the Goddess.

Recently the above figure was uncovered in Turkey. This seemed deeply symbolic of the uncovering of the layer upon layer of what and who the Goddess actually is. The word veneration comes from the word Venus and it relates to a deep and heart felt appreciation of beauty.

There have been women throughout history who have played and still play this role of preserving and venerating history. Buffy Saint-Marie did it for the Native Americans, Mari Boine for the Sami of Sweden. I’m just a small cog in a global wheel with my love of The Goddess Asteroids and their universal, cosmic ‘her-story’. I’m very happy to have been born with this purpose to celebrate the sacred history of women.

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