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Turquoise Turtle Global Village

Turtle has 13 Moons on her back
Turtle has 13 Moons on her back

My imagination has been captured this week by the incredible journey of the rare Turtle named ‘Menai’ who is originally from the Gulf of Mexico. She ended up in the Menai Straits in Wales under the November Super Moon. As a sailor myself in the Menai Straits it is noticeable the difference Super moons and eclipses make to the power of the tides. She is currently recovering in the Anglesey Sea Zoo and is doing well.

It took me back to 2005 when Turtle appeared as a ‘Power Animal’ in my life and inspired me to initiate a pen pals project between children in Birmingham and Johannesburg called Turquoise Turtle Global Village. Turtle is very special as she has a pattern of 13 on her back so she is said to reflect the moon cycles.

One of the messages of Mother Turtle then was that she connects all people through the oceans. Another message Turtle brings is that whilst all may appear very challenging on the surface, in the deep ocean greater stories are unfolding. I feel symbolically her journey is connecting the British Isles shamanic traditions with the Mayan/Andean traditions. Below is a link to the BBC article about ‘Menai’ to read the original story


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