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A Cathedral of Trees – 26th July

We are heading East as the sun rises across from Tring in Buckinghamshire to Ashwell in Herefordshire following the St Mary and St Michael ley lines. The energy has definitely changed since we left Avebury and entered the once centre of Knights Templar activities. I have had nightmares three nights running which is unusual for me. Deep subconscious fears are being loosed by our pilgrimage which is all part of the process.

I have also had news my Aunty Yon died. She had lived a good life and she died on the ‘Day Out of Time’ so it feels an auspicious time to pass over. I lived in Johannesburg as a child, and on the occasions we visited Shropshire we always stayed with my Uncle John and Yon. Aunty Yon used to excel in making cakes and trifles which easily made her my favourite aunty. She also had lilac colour hair which was pretty exotic in my eyes. She made me a huge Reindeer and a huge Cheshire Cat on a separate visit which were very special gifts.

It is a relief to reach the beautiful Cathedral of Trees which is close to the ancient Icknield Way. We have seen Tony Robinson visit it on the BBC programme ‘The Ancient Pathways of Britain’ and are delighted it is on our route. We are astounded though at how big it is. I was expecting to walk down one avenue of trees but there are at least five.

The trees were planted by Edmund Blyth beginning in the 1930’s in memory of his three friends who died, two in the Great War. We enter the Porch of Oak Trees and go towards the Lady’s Chapel which has the most stunning Atlantic Cedar Tree with bluish green needles. The Cathedral of Trees is designed as a proper Medieval Cathedral with a gorgeous ring of Silver Birches as the Chancery and the directions spiralling outwards reflecting each season.

We are aware from our maps that the ley line passes straight through Whipsnade Zoo which is just up the road. The St Michael line also just brushes the edges of the Cathedral of Trees. It feels a very special place to come for some special Tree healing.

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