Client Love

Northern Schoolof Astro-Shamanism UK - Alison DhuannaLucy Lee

“I find that in Alison’s astrology group and other events, Alison makes the subject come to life in a really interesting way, and it’s a great group to be part of with many interesting women taking part. Linking astrology to Greek mythology in the first course that I attended was so interesting, and in this way two subjects were brought together and given depth.

Alison is really down to earth and very kind and caring. There is a sense at her groups that we are all on our own personal and unique journey, and Alison helps to make the group aware of this important dimension. Attending Alison’s groups has given me a sense of fulfillment, and also given my life a purpose when I was looking for something new and interesting to learn about. I have also made new friends through attending Alison’s groups which has helped me to feel connected to my local community.”


Christine Clarke

I’m interested in astrology and Alison, a welcoming and friendly person, always gives interesting facts on any astrological study. She has a great deal of knowledge an an intuitive insight into the subject. I really enjoy the classes, they are never boring and without fail give me something unexpected and very relevant to think about and follow up.

As a result of attending the group, I have increased my knowledge of astrology,  I can look at events in life and see connections with the planets and asteroids and I’ve met a lovely group of women I’d like to keep as friends beyond the class.”


Karen Alderson

“What initially attracted me to the Astrology course with Alison, was wanting to learn about transit relationships, for example, squares, oppositions and trines. I learnt this and more. Alison is a warm, well read and intuitive teacher who holds the group well. She taught by enabling us to read our own and others’ charts, by exploring how certain aspects had impacted on our lives. This brought the astrology alive.

She also shared information about astrological houses and Goddess Asteroids, something I had not considered previously. The sharing in the female groups has enabled me to make new friends and feel supported in my learning.”