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Cornwall The County of Saints –  9th July

Cornwall is the county of a thousand Saints who have blessed this glorious place. We are staying near Tintagel at a friend’s home called St Piran’s House. It was once a 12th Century monastery with its own chapel, well and garden. Walking down the lane to St Nectan’s Glen, a sacred waterfall and once a hermitage, we pass many beautiful homes all named after Saints. Sitting in the garden beside the chapel in the afternoon sun, Jay sketches the oldest part of the house and I doze off woken by the dogs barking. It is a very still and restful place to be.

It is wonderful after travelling to have the opportunity for a deep bath. I spend at least an hour splashing about and at the end singing a ‘Blessing Song to Water ‘. It originally came from the 13 Grandmothers and will be a favourite song on this journey. I don’t think the bath has ever had a song sang to it!

There is a tapestry in the house of a Unicorn, a Lamb and a Hare which has been here for generations which catches my eye. Notice the 13 moons rising up the spear of the Unicorn as well as the Moons on its back representing Maiden, Mother and Crone phases of womanhood. . The symbolism is unusual – the Hare the Goddess, the Unicorn Purity, the Lamb a symbol of Jesus. The tapestry in an extraordinary way describes the present occupants of the house and their belief systems becoming unified through the Sacred Marriage (Juno). It also describes the marriage of the Goddess with the Heart of Jesus. A return to the true essence of Christianity and all religions which is to ‘Love One Another’.

Any person now acting in the name of religion can no longer claim to be in the Service of Jesus unless they are also whole heartedly in the service of Love. This was the central teaching of Jesus. It somehow seems incredible to wake up to Aeons of this teaching being so distorted. Hating Muslims, Gays, Women, foreigners is all completely the opposite to what Jesus taught.

On route we visited Trebarwith Bay which bears some very interesting and rare geological similarities with Mermaid Bay on Llandwen Island, Anglesey in that it has Rose Quartz inclusions and purple and green volcanic rocks. The caves on the beach are incredible, it’s easy to see how you might be lured in by the magical glimmering of the walls. I feel the call of the Mermaid very strong here and a local shop talks of the Mermaid of Zennor. Who is she? Could she be my Mermaid? The memory of the caves has affected me deeply and I feel a well of creativity has been activated.

One powerful syncronicity is that just an hour before reaching the beach I was reading Mahala’s blog out loud to Jay on my phone and the Sabian Symbol for 29 degrees Leo where the August eclipse will happen is. “A Mermaid manifests from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form. The stage at which an intense feeling from the unconscious is about to take form as a conscious thought”. We are in the beginning of the Age of Virgo, which was first felt on July 11, 1991 when we entered the Sixth Sun of the Mayan prophecies. The Sixth sign of the zodiac is Virgo. This is why we entered the Age of Virgo on that day during a total solar eclipse in Mexico. The heavens were also filled with space ships.” Mahala

This is actually also my ascendant so personally this Mermaid symbolism is very meaningful to me. At the last Winter Solstice at Bryn Celli Dhu, Anglesey the patterning of the 6th Age of Virgo was encoded by the Sun into my Solar Plexus.

The Mermaid theme may seem quite trivial but for me it brings up a very deep need to escape the restrictions of life in a 3D body I know many are experiencing as quite excruciating at times. This has manifested as pretty serious mental health problems in the past including the desire to die.

I’m feeling in this past year a way of being able to experience freedom in my body through accessing multi-dimensional levels of experience, but also by really committing to life. As each day goes by I realise how much I really, really love Mother Earth. The animals and birds are so incredible and actually if I think about it even human beings are growing on me! I know so many more positive, accepting people than narrow minded or negative people these days. I know they are still out there but somehow it doesn’t seem as crushing. The world is turning. My global friendships make my heart warm. Life is good.

As I leave you a little flock of sparrows has landed around our camper van. Time to log off and enjoy


  1. Susan Terry | | Reply

    Alison, I feel very moved and privileged to read of what you experienced at St Pirans. Certainly enriches the experience of living here, which ,as I explained to you, is also a privilege. Looking forward to hearing more of your journeying x

  2. Margaret-Mary Archer | | Reply

    Amazing faces in those cliffs, Ali, really enjoying hearing about your journey…See you next week. Mxx

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