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1. I Find Death Walking Closely By My Side

Death brings life alive, it wakes us from the slumber of dull dreams and lost hope into the brilliant, bright light of beauty. Death walks beside us all our lives but sometimes it makes itself known, and this is such a time for myself and my family. We are an unusual, perhaps even exotic family of Jay, myself, Lily and Bongo our little terriers. Our dogs are the embodiment of Love and we feel very honoured to have them in our lives.

We are setting off on a pilgrimage of the St Mary and St Michael Ley lines in the south of England soon. We were meant to leave today but we found a lump on Bongo. He is only 5 but had cancer once before so it feels that the lump must be investigated before we can go. We decided to take this journey a few months ago when Jay had to have stents put into her heart valves and it woke us both up to the fragility of our lives. We have let go of many things in the past few months myself full-time work and for Jay her identity as a sailing captain.

As we journey along sacred springs, churches and major sacred sites on the Ley lines I will be blogging our adventures, strange happenings of which there are bound to be many and experiences. This will be linked into the Goddess Asteroid movements in the heavens above.

We are making this journey to give offerings and thanks to the Water and the Land. We are exhausted with life and austerity measures which have personally affected us both. This is our surrender to a higher reality beyond what has brought us to this point of leaving home for a month in our vintage mobile home.

We named her Ursula Minor because we think she resembles a Bear. We need to be close to the Earth, feel her holding us and to heal the wounds of perhaps many lifetimes. I hope the shared words, poems and works of art we create along the way will bring healing to others too because we know we are not alone in this need for restoration.


  1. Susan Terry | | Reply

    Thanks Alison I love how your words bring alive the juxtaposition between life and death. Trust Bongo will be fine and looking forward to seeing you both soon as you set out on the early stages of your journey.

  2. Willow Merrymoon | | Reply

    I have just read your first blog entry and it has whet my appetite to read all about your pilgrimage. A big adventure 😃 xx

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