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Glastonbury Abbey – 20th July 2017

The St Mary and Michael Ley lines both run through Glastonbury Abbey

Glastonbury Abbey is where the St Mary and Michael ley lines run through some very sacred points so we decide to spend the morning there. Jay settles down to sketch the Ladies Chapel which is the oldest part of ruins. The abbey was, like so many others, destroyed during the dissolution under Henry VIII. Seeing its splendour, I understand what a devastating time this must have been for those people and feel a great sadness at this desecration of beauty for such selfish reasons. A wattle and daub chapel has been found beneath the stone chapel from the 12th Century so the site has been used as a sacred place for many hundreds of years. There is a legend that the Uncle of Jesus, Joseph of Arimithea brought the Holy Thorn to Glastonbury and started this first Christian Church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Some rather controversial renovations have been done in the crypt and it is interesting that you are not allowed to dowse in here. I sit down in the sunshine with Oz my crystal skull who is collecting geological information on this pilgrimage. The light shines through his skull forming a beautiful cup of light with a spear going into it. Its’ very Holy Grail – so could these legends be true? It is showing me another version of the Earth mystery teachings received the day before on the Tor. There are 3 people there who are powerful magicians from another country. We have all clocked each other and its great to know there are others on the same path.

There are also lots of teenagers in their last week of school and I talk to their teachers about the ley lines and how wonderful Glastonbury is from that point of view. I hope they will share some of this with their students so they get a sense of what a special place they live in.

I wonder off across the lawns with my sandles in hand in the sun, dowsing rod in the other and feel a strong pull towards an old Yew tree near the Tomb of King Arthur. Interestingly I’ve been told I can’t dowse in this area either so I put away the rod. I’m not really bothered as I have my body to dowse with. The tree is amazing, she has the most wonderful roots growing into a stone wall. Early on in the journey I had a dream that the Arcturians were giving me healing from the roots of a huge tree. Now I feel I have found her, the Tree of Immortality.

I return to Jay and check on her progress and take the dogs off for a walk. I walk along the St Mary ley line past the old Abbots Kitchen and up to the pond which it runs straight though. The pond is gorgeous and covered with flowering water lilies. I am taking a photo of one when the light starts to communicate something different. At that moment a fish comes to the surface, looks me straight in the eyes and blows a kiss. I lie down on my stomach and see a number of these powerful fish beneath the surface. They are creating beautiful ripples on the surface and nibbling at apples which have fallen in the pond from the orchard. It reminds me of the story of Taliesen and the Salmon of Wisdom .

Wondering back through the medicinal herb gardens and apple orchards I find two apples on the ground. I eat one and take one for Jay with a blessing from the tree. Apples have amazing sacred geometry so I feel very blessed.

No trip to Glastonbury is complete without going to the Goddess Temple and the Star Child shop. I have to go alone as its upstairs. I receive a wonderful smudge healing from Francesca to help me be patient and kind looking after Jay. I want the healing to benefit both of us as Jay can’t get up the stairs, so this seemed a good intention. I buy some Dragon Oil for our pilgrims feet and some Rose Water for the dogs from Star Child. We leave Glastonbury having had a very full experience of its healing energies and some lovely smells to nurture us along the way. I did a divination from some gorgeous Temple of Ursa Bear Wooden circles. I pick ‘Expanding into the Wilderness of my Body’ which is absolutely perfect!

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