The Goddess Asteroids Quiz

Discover which Goddess Asteroid has a message for you, and what that means for you in your life right now. Take our quick and easy quiz to find out more!


  • Read through the questions and follow your first instinct when answering, don’t analyse it too much;
  • Make a note of which letter you choose for each question – please choose only one answer per question;

The Quiz:


  • Calculate how many answers you got for each letter, A, B, C or D;
  • Hopefully you should have one letter that you scored highest on. However, if you scored the same amount on two letters, go back to question 1) with the images and see which letter you chose for that. That is your letter;
  • Click on the button with your dominant letter on it and follow the instructions as to how to get your quiz result, and find out your message.
I got mostly A’s! I got mostly B’s! I got mostly C’s! I got mostly D’s!