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A Goddess Temple in Royston Town

The Earth Goddess and Horse where the St Mary line enters the cave

The meaning of Royston Cave is hotly debated by archeologists and academics alike, and it is one of the most fascinating experiences I have had on our pilgrimage to visit its depths.

Royston Cave in the town of Royston, Hertfordshire lies at a crossroads of two important ancient roads across the South of England, the Icknield Way and the Ermine Street. Moreover it is another portal where the St Mary and St Michael ley lines cross. Of all the theories I have heard and read, mine comes from the background of being an Initiate of the Mysteries and from travelling the ley lines for three weeks before arriving here. This does I feel give one a different sense of perspective on the sacred sites through which the ley lines pass and their significance.

The local author and archeologist Silvia Beamon has written a very good book called ‘Royston Cave – Used by Saints or Sinners?’ which goes into great depths. Her main theory is that the cave was used by the Knights Templars around the 13th Century as a Temple after they fell out with the Prior of the Royston Church over market fees. She also believes the top of the Temple, which has fewer engravings, was used by them to store food they were selling in the market.

The Cave has a potent, heretical mixture of Pagan and Christian symbolism and also there are depictions of the Royal family, in particular James I who supported the Templars. I feel the Templars built this Temple for Initiations quite purposefully in this exact spot. Only very few people would have experienced this and be sworn to secrecy.

The ceremonies they wished to carry out could not be done in a Christian church without being accused of heresy. Sheela Na Gigs were once part of many churches in the UK and Ireland, but most are now hidden away. This connection between our Divine Mother Earth and the Holy Spirit is what we are healing. Whether they had fallen out with the Prior or not, they may still have required a secret place such as this cave.

Doves have been with us all along our journey as the Bird of Venus and of the Holy Spirit. At Ashwell,where we left this morning, this was so powerful that I awoke at dawn to record the song of the doves. When we leave the campsite two turtle doves sit at the side of the track. On arriving at Royston Cave two white doves are sitting on the top of the building directly over it. I feel that nature is directing me to pay attention to this symbolism. On entering the cave the first image that jumps out at me is the ‘hand of God releasing the dove’.

The Dove of Peace, the Holy Spirit being released

The similarities of Royston Cave with neolithic sites where Rites of Passage took the form of a ceremonial pathway into the ‘Womb of the Earth Mother’ at Winter Solstice, to be reborn again are striking. Bryn Celli Dhuanna in Anglesey, Wales is one such place and Newgrange another. As far as I know nobody has looked at the Suns’ relationship with Royston Cave and I think it would be interesting to do so.

Having been lowered through a ‘vaginal’ passage the Initiate would have been greeted by images jumping off the walls in firelight. They would be in the Womb of Mother Earth learning her Great Mysteries. This too brings reminders of our most ancient human rituals in natural caves and I believe the Templars created the cavern for this purpose. It is shaped like a beehive which may also have greater significance as sacred geometry is often used in Initiation ceremonies. The experience of entering the dark cave would provide an altered experience and allow the Initiate to enter a deep state of meditation.

The Western wall where the St Mary ley line enters the cave has a depiction of the Holy family of Mary, Joseph and Jesus. It could also be Jesus, Mary Magdalena and their daughter Sara. The Mother, Father and Child symbol is alchemical so in that sense for the purposes of ceremony it goes beyond the personal embodiment. Isis, Osiris and Horus were similar archetypes in Egyptian times. These beings have stellar origins and arrive at key times to provide benevolent assistance to humanity. This is one such key time where a global group of people are embodying this energy as an ‘Avatar’.

Below the Holy family is an Earth Goddess in a Sheela Na Gig stance and a Horse. The Horse which appears White in the limestone cave could be Epona or Rhiannon the Celtic Earth Goddess. The ley lines also pass through the White Horse of Uffington so the Horse could be making a connection to this sacred site. Horses have been and still are an important part of these teachings for me, so perhaps the horse has even greater significance. See my blog about Glastonbury Tor http://schoolofastroshamanism.com/revelations-glastonbury-tor

What is interesting to me here, in the context of our ley line pilgrimage, is that the Holy family are being linked to the Earth Goddess in the exact line of the St Mary Ley line. This has been the surprise for our journey, because I was not expecting to experience these profound moments of connection with Jesus (who comes to me as Yeshua) or Mary. The one is inextricably linked to the other. I could have had my toes roasted for saying this in a previous lifetime!

On the wall where St Michael ley line enters the chamber in the South there is a depiction of St Michael or St George. This seems evidence for me enough that the Templars knew the ley lines were there and this is why they built Royston Cave on this point.

The symbols which adorn the cave walls are many and beautiful. In this blog I hope I have given a sense of the awesome nature of the place. It feels it is a coming together, a visual representation of many of the experiences and insights on this epic journey we are making through time and space.

An image of St Michael or St George where the St Michael ley line enters the cave
St Christopher carries Yeshua upon his shoulder

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