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Gwenllian The Welsh Warrior Princess

Gwenllian Warrior Princess

Having begun this journey of pilgrimages in Wales it seems the ancestors have come to life asking for their stories to be shared. Gwenllian was born in Aberffraw on the Isle of Anglesey at the Royal Palace of Celtic Kings at the time of the Norman Invasion of Britain approx. 1000 AD. I had not heard of her and visits to the sites associated with in Aberffraw iher do not mention her at all. She came to me on visiting a small craft shop where a book about her Gwenllian The Welsh Warrior Princess by Peter Newton jumped into my hands. Energetically I lit up just holding the book and on reading was enthralled by her amazing story.

This was a very traumatic time in Welsh history. After centuries of being battered by the Romans they then had the Norman conquest to contend with and by all accounts it was a brutal subjugation of the Celtic traditions. Gwenllian as a young girl opted to learn arms with her brothers rather than pursue the more sedate pastimes of a royal princess. In this she has very strong ‘Pallas Athena’ as an astrological body traits. Often as young girls strong ‘Pallas Athena’ types are the archetypal ‘tomboy’.

As she grew up and the warring grew more brutal her father Gruffudd ap Cynan got caught up in the clutches of King Henry I who provided a constant stream of beautiful courtesans and the best wine in return for his loyalty. His weakness unfortunately led him astray for many years of his life. This deeply divided her family and Gwenllian was forced to make the choice to live as rebel fighter for most of her life in the mountains with her lover the Welsh Prince Gruffudd ap Rhys and his band of followers trying to reclaim their country. It was a life long passionate love affair showing also the traits of Juno Goddess of the Sacred Marriage . It is unusual to find the Pallas Athena and Juno archetype co existing happily together given the position of women in the world historically.

It is said that Gwenllian fought alongside the men up until she became pregnant with her first son having four sons in all. For a time her and Rhys agreed to live under Norman guard in Canarfen Castle in return for promising their loyalty to King Henry I for the sake of their children. However they both found it suffocating and oppressive and eventually escaped back to the mountains where it seems despite the lack of comforts they were happier. Gwenllian was a devoted mother showing t Ceres traits of being a deeply nurturing person. She is in fact quite remarkable in that she embodied these three Goddess Asteroids very strongly. Shortly after the death of Henry I a huge storm hit Wales of massive proportions and many of the invaders left feeling it was an omen. The Welsh forces also believing the Red Dragon had awoken to help them gathered again to attack the Normans.

Gwenllian was extremely brave and while her husband was away trying to get more forces at the court of her Father she was lured to her death by the Normans. Two of her sons and her men fought desperately to save her as did Gwenllian herself. In the end she was captured and her last words were for the love of her children and her husband and as the sword came down to execute her she is said to have cried out without fear ‘remember me’. Her death caused such outrage that the Welsh forces were finally united and able to make headway against the invading Norman forces.

Gwenllian, who lived in a time when blogging was unheard of,  I hope I have honoured you with these words and certainly you have touched my heart deeply. I totally honour your country and the right of the Welsh people to live in peace, to speak their beautiful language and follow their traditions as they wish. I wish this for all people.

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