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Heaven’s Gate – 19th July ‘17

Heaven’s Gate seems a very appropriate place to be arriving after our sublime experiences exploring the St Mary and Michael ley lines and my afternoon walk on Glastonbury Tor the day before. It’s all still integrating and seems of a magnitude too great for my mind to comprehend. I am with a fellow astrologer Margaret Mary Archer who has been a key person to guide us to the more hidden sacred sites in the area.

Heavens Gate is a stone circle created by modern human beings to honour the Neolithic past. It is on the Longleat Estate owned by a family who seem to have much karma from the stories I have heard about them. However, they have taken good care of their land, where there is also a large safari park and one of the benefits of this is that the trees are very old.

Walking through the ancient avenue of the trees seem to be from all over the world, including what could be Sequoia Redwood which is very huggable. There are groves of Yews which are super magical. After a mile we reach the stone circle.

It is made of huge pieces of granite from Cornwall and what is striking is that the faces in the stone seem to resemble a global theme too; the Egyptian Crocodile Godddess, A Mayan Priest and one looks distinctly like the Stones of Easter Island. Walking through the circle you look down on a panoramic view of rivers, lakes and the Longleat Manor house which is very stately. It’s as if the ancestors of many sacred places and civilisations have gathered here in these stones.

Later that evening my SKHM Teacher Raeline Brady, who lives in Australia, has posted a Crop Circle which has appeared, and it is about 1 mile from our campsite on Cleys Hill in Warminster. The link below is the delightful crop circle which has so many connections with what the Earth has been teachings us on this Ley line journey



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