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A Hidden Dragon Chair   – 16th July

The St Mary Ley line runs through the church. This ancient chair holds the mysteries of the Holy Grail

We are visiting the St Mary Church in Dunsfort where the St Mary ley line continues its journey through Devon. I feel some sadness at leaving Cornwall and feel another journey will be planned. We have read about a 500 year old Dragon chair in the church in ‘The Sun and the Serpent ‘by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst and are on a mission to find it.

Following the River Teign we stop for a picnic close to the river. The spinach and ricotta dip we have bought at the local farm shop with home made bread is delicious and I determine to make it when I get home. We have not had much opportunity to connect with the rivers that follow the St Mary Ley line so I take some time to go and sing a Blessing Song to Water gifted by a lovely friend. Originally it came from the 13 Grandmothers so it feels really important and an honour to sing it as often as possible.

On entering the church we look around for the chair but it is nowhere to be found. Jay has to use her inner navigation skills to find it. She is a Mayan Red Earth person so this is part of her spiritual gifts. It is hidden away behind a thick curtain near the altar where ordinary folks don’t tend to venture. I had been seriously thinking I might train as a Christian Priestess the day before following my epiphany, but this is really the other side of the coin.

The chair has in its centre an image, we feel possibly St Margaret slaying the dragon that swallowed her. It has two wonderful dragon heads on the arms (pictured) and at the top meeting in the centre around a Bishops Hat two further dragons. On each side are the intertwining serpents of the Caduceus and at the bottom a Green Man.

Its hard to believe whoever made it for this church was unaware of the two serpent energy lines of St Mary and St Michael and their important part in the spiritual life of the people through many hundreds of years. It certainly contains many mysteries and contradictions within it and it shows the difficulty the Christian church today have in understanding and embracing Earth energies as an integral part of worship which is a very long tradition globally. In the literature for the church it is not mentioned. It feels puzzling to us that such a wonderfully crafted chair is not taking pride of place in the church.

‘There are ancient crosses we have seen on our travels which entwine Odin and the Celtic religion ,so why is a chair that entwines the Pagan Green Man, dragons, serpents and Christianity frowned upon? ‘(The words of Jay)

We head for a campsite near Exeter airport. After days of not seeing very much civilisation it feels quite noisy. At 4.45am Jay awakens in twilight. As the mists rise Elen of the Pathways in her form as a young deer came up quite close to the camper. Lily became alert to her and barked and the deer slowly retreated back to a hedge. Suddenly she vanished. At sunrise a wren sat at the edge of the camper and sang such a sweet song Jay was moved to tears. This was her epiphany moment.

Our journey began a few weeks ago, a pilgrimage along the St Mary Ley line. If you would like to read from the beginning please go to http://schoolofastroshamanism.com/death-walking-closely

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