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Human Genome Sound Healing

Sound healing is enjoying a rise in popularity and research is showing that it can even affect the human genome. My work as an Astrologer with the Sacred Divine energies awakening within the genome, have led me to a particular focus of interest. Many children incarnating to Earth now have an important role in transforming society, but they are struggling to cope with the distortions which exist at a DNA level in humanity. Like wheat, we too have been greatly affected by genetic engineering, chemicals, hormone treatment in food and other industrial farming methods. The emotional distortions caused by ancestral trauma are also vitally important to the child’s wellbeing. The aboriginals used to place their babies in a hole filled with Boab flowers at birth to heal any ancestral karma the child had been born with. Through a combination of voice healing, flower essences, Tibetan bowls I am able to provide this service.

Both Science and Mystical paths are in agreement that Sound Healing offers enormous possibilities for healing at this deep, molecular level. Research into sound healing with autistic children, for example, has shown very good results despite the scepticism that initially existed.

“Merzenich argues that in children that are genetically predisposed to Autism some situations overexcite the neurons leading to massive premature release of BDNF, so instead of important connections being reinforced, all connections are. So much BDNF is released that it turns off the critical period prematurely, sealing all the connections in place, and the child is left with scores of undifferentiated brain maps and hence pervasive development disorders.”

We know that sound healing can easily and quickly effect brain waves which in turn send messages to the genome. For example Gongs induce the theta brainwaves present just before deep sleep. They allow even those with over active minds to enter into deep and peaceful states of relaxation. Tibetan bowls, shamanic drums and other instruments induce the Alpha state where there is deep relaxation and clarity of mind.

According to Assad Meymandi, MD, PhD, DLFAPA in Psychiatry MMC “Music is a part of the cycle of natural life. Music is based on rhythm and harmony. Human life is based on rhythm. Day and night, seasonal changes, and all physiological and biological functions are rhythmic. We inhale and exhale, our hearts beat in systole (contraction) and diastole (expansion or relaxation.) Sleeping, eating, menstrual cycles, walking, talking, and other, if not all, functions of life are rhythmic.

We admire oratory eloquence because its rhythm and cadence, along with the words carefully chosen to awaken, inform, or appeal to our inner desires and thoughts, are harmonic and orderly. One might conclude that man is really made of rhythm; so is nature, and so is music. Man, nature, and music are made of the same ingredients.”

The most exciting work on Sound Healing though has come as it often does from Japan on the Human Genome. Ohno observed that “music is like deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in repetition and development. For example, each organism’s genes are composed of strands of DNA, which are made up of four nucleotides containing the four amino acids—adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine. The order of these bases of repeated four is far from random. Indeed, within a gene, certain oligomers, which are short chains of bases arranged in a set sequence, frequently occur in a predictable manner. Ohno stated that this is hardly surprising because recurrence is rampant in nature.”

This could explain why, for example, chanting mantras is so powerful. Certain sounds are replicated over and over again inducing a deep sense of relaxation. The 12th Century Japanese monk Nichiren reduced the complex Lotus Sutra Teachings to the mantra ‘Nam Myoho Renge Kyo’. The mantra is said to awaken the Buddha nature within every person. Nichiren was much persecuted for his views that we all have equal access to the Divine nature which is within, and it is not dependant on gender, sexuality or social status. Such mantras are core spiritual practices across many cultures and faiths. The link below is to the original article


You Tube link to Lotus Sutra Mantra 

Music and Sound Therapy as a Treatment for Autism.

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