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The Hurlers on Bodmin Moor 15th July

The St Mary Ley line crosses between the two diamond stones in the centre circle

I take my water Koshi Wind chime as I set off barefoot across the moor. I am drawn by deep pools of water along the path where the St Mary Ley line snakes across the land towards the three stone circles known as the Hurlers. In the distance is the Cheese Ring. I leave Jay with the dogs and her sketchbook creating a visual record of this incredible landscape.

The Stone circles are the favourite hang out spot of a herd of small cows. I think they are Japanese cows from a Country File programme. I take time to honour them, particularly a Bull who snorts as I circumnavigate the circle resulting in snot flying out his nose. I am very drawn towards the diamond shaped stones and two crows hop on the stones to direct me across the circle.

Later I read in Sun and the Serpent that the St Mary line crosses between these very stones, meeting the St Michael line in the centre in a powerful Sacred Marriage portal. This is a natural union of the Male and Female within the Earth, an incredible alchemical natural power portal. I feel this experience at being at these places where the nodes marry is allowing access to a much greater meaning of Juno as a Goddess Asteroid.

My wonderings through the misty drizzle bring me to two stones with a pool of water between them. Entering a trance I do my ‘whistling’ Light Language into the water speaking to the ancestral spirits beyond. It was a very powerful experience. (A video will follow). I have a vision that once our Neolithic Ancestors walked, as I have through this landscape in ceremonies to mark the passage of the Sun and the Earth. Places where the St Mary and St Michael Ley lines meet must have been regarded as highly important for the efficacy of such ceremonies to bring healing to the people and renew the cycles of life. It feels that the Crows and the Stones are inhabited by these ancestral spirits.

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