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Baldock – the Centre of the Knights Templars

I have also been fascinated for over 20 years by the Knights Templars as the Guardians of the deeper mysteries of the Holy Grail. I’ve read the books, travelled to France and other places wanting to connect with what it means in this day and age.

Today we are visiting what was their central church in England dedicated to St Mary the Virgin in Baldock, Herefordshire. From here they carried out one of their central tasks which was to provide protection and assistance to Pilgrims. The St Michael ley line runs straight through the church. The deeper mysteries which the Templar’s protected concerned the Divine Feminine within the story of Jesus and that Mary Magdalene was his wife. They seem to have had a special regard for St Mary, Mary Magdalena and St Margaret which we are uncovering.

We began this journey as an exploration of the ley lines having no idea really why they are called St Mary and St Michael – apart from that one has feminine and the other masculine qualities. Just googling St Mary images most of them I don’t resonate wth at all. I wasn’t expecting to come into this deep understanding of the St Mary energy as the Divine Feminine archetype and an Earth Goddess in nature. Her relationship to water is also pretty profound. The St Michael line feels equally profound, though Mary is our focus on this journey.

The church stands at the crossroads of three ancient roads so its position was perfect for Pilgrims. It is open which is fantastic given it is in a town – many are having to be locked because of thieves these days. The Knights Templars must have known about the ley lines and thought them important enough to build their churches thereon. This is reflected in their use of the symbol of two Dragons or Serpents which frequently occur.

The Dragon or Serpent energies were once seen as the raw life force of Mother Earth, vital to every living thing and the fertility of crops. Ley lines are particularly potent parts of the Earth’s electromagnetic field. Somewhere along the line – perhaps through fear of its power or sexual nature, the patriarchal Church condemned it and it became seen as evil. It is very much connected to the demonisation of women through religion and entrenching beliefs about inequality which actually have nothing to do with the true nature of Jesus. In this Year of the Yellow Crystal Seed it feels important to get out of our heads and back into our bodies, which means embracing the Dragon or Serpent energy.

Banishished to the Underworld this Divine Feminine force, which is the awesome intelligence of our Mother interacting with Father Sun and the Cosmos, is still there and still thriving despite human beings. We could be so much happier though, we could end world hunger and poverty forever if we returned to the old ways of harnessing this energy without causing damage, honouring and sharing. The science already exists, its governments and corporations who stand in the way of the evolution of humanity now. Last night I dreamt a sort of political dream and I feel that electing Jeremy Corbyn in the UK could represent a massive turn in the direction that would benefit humanity.

One thing which really catches my eye in the St Mary Church are 3 stained glass windows depicting St Mary in her different aspects. In one she has a flag with a Golden Crown over her head and an Anchor in her hand. This seems to be depicting travel and her protection of pilgrims. The anchor refers to her connection to the Sea or Mare. (Pictures will follow due to technical issues!)

In the central one she is holding Jesus as his Mother, perhaps the one were are more used to. This time her flag has a Heart of Fire. This pure love a Mother has for her child is so important and the foundation of happiness for human beings.

In the third window the Flag has the Holy Grail Chalice and a shield of Oak leaves. The trees have played a very special role on this pilgrimage and perhaps there is a reason for that in the uncovering of the mysteries of the Holy Grail. If you interested in this and didn’t read the blog about our experience of Glastonbury Tor here is the link http://schoolofastroshamanism.com/revelations-glastonbury-tor

I feel this Stained Glass window very accurately represents the different aspects of St Mary and ourselves which have been experienced along the way. Last night we both had some really special moments with Lily our dog who was wanting lots of Mother love and being held to the breast. I feel this connection with St Mary will powerfully shape the rest of our lives.

The Central church of the Knights Templar lies on the St Michael ley line

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