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The Lions Gate Opening – 17th July ’17

As I write this I am hearing and feeling the roar of Lions right through my body. It is a primal, deep sound that resonates in the cells.’ Its not at all like you would hear on TV’ says Jay, but I’m remembering it from the many trips I’ve had into the game parks in South Africa where I grew up. Its a sound healing experience that is very unusual in England!

On the way to Longleat Caravan Club park in Somerset I receive a Facebook invitation from my long time SKHM Master and teacher Raeline Brady about the annual Lions Gate Opening that begins on the Mayan Day Out of Time 26.7.17 until 8.8.17 I get out the Astrology charts I have printed for the pilgrimage to see what is happening!

Vesta is conjunct Regulus the Heart of the Lion in Leo as we approach the Lions Gate opening. This is so exciting as I really feel Vesta rising in power and confidence. She will be entering Virgo very soon which is her perfect sign as she thrives on devotion and service.

This power to make changes on the ‘inner level’ and to literally be swallowed by our own emotions and rebirthed is the power of Vesta. Once you have faced the shadow, the power of the Patriarchy seems almost trivial. Its only a fear and belief keeping people trapped, it can change in an instant and war, poverty and inequality would be unsustainable. Read my blog on St Margaret and the Dragon for more on this.

It is the rising of the Divine Feminine that will transform the world. Sometimes we need to let go of timescales. Cosmic waves happen over millennia, but we can see all around us real evidence of change in the world. There are those who will resist until the bitter end, usually because money is involved. With Pluto in Capricorn which rules financial and other government systems we are already seeing alternative financial systems in India and China emerging.

Last week I met an Astrologer called Palden Jenkins who is working a lot with women’s empowerment groups in Palestine. His view is that radical change in the world will happen outside of the USA and Europe and we will have no choice but to follow. Corruption in government systems is extremely entrenched in the Western countries. Levels of apathy do seem to be changing though and in Britain at the last election many more young people are getting politicised.

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