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Lost in the Arboretum  – 27th July ’17

I see a sign for an arboretum which I am always partial too and we turn into the car park. I march off with the dogs leaving Jay in the van. A while on down the path I enter the arboretum, but I’m in my head with various annoyances and its not long before I am well and truly lost. I try to locate the road through my hearing but it seems to be coming from all directions. Eventually in a bit of a panic I ask Bongo to take us back to Jay. He gets stuck a few times down a path which ends in nettles. I phone Jay asking is she has any idea what direction I should walk in. As we are talking I see a flash of car in the distance in front of me. Bongo has found the way! Panic over I return to the van. My trivial worries have subsided too but my feet are aching.

We head for Ickleford which has a Church on the St Mary ley line, though this time dedicated to St Katherine. It is another beautiful church and village marking out this sacred pathway of energy across the rolling green hills of England. Joyful praise in these churches still energises the ley lines even when done quite unconsciously. The healing energy of the electromagnetic field on the ley lines is very good for human beings. We too have an electromagnetic field so when ours meets the Earth, we tend to feel good though it may also bring up some uncomfortable feelings if things are unresolved. If for example you have unresolved grief you may get the urge to cry.

Ickleford has a remarkable painting of Mary Magdalene bare breasted and distraught. The painting is very old and darkened, and there are ominous male figures in the background. It is good to see though it has not been hidden in a dusty cupboard somewhere. It also has some beautiful statues and embroidered banners of St Mary and St Katherine – pictures to follow. It is hard to comprehend what Mary Magdalena must have felt. First her husband is executed by a bunch of ignorant human beings, who then vilify her and call her a whore.

Often a pilgrimage will raise more questions than it answers. It feels good to have been honouring the Knights Templar, St Mary, St Katherine and Mary Magdalene. It feels like this is all important stuff and it will influence life from hereon

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