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Backbone of Britain Pilgrimage

The honouring of APU’s or Mountain Spirits in pilgrimage has opened up an amazing portal of experience for me through engaging in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Apprenticeship. I had a dream a few months ago after connecting with a Cragg where I live in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire that I was doing a pilgrimage of the Pennine Way. The Pennine Way stretches from Derbyshire in the Peak District all the way up to Scotland and is called the Backbone of Britain. I live about part way along in a beautiful old Mill Town. More specifically what was communicated to me was that the APU’s and the ancestors of these lands need to be honoured in the way the Peruvian shamans have held unbroken in their ancestral lineage, before the first apprenticeship of these specific arts in the UK in September.

The morning of the dream on the Universal  Shaman Initiates Facebook group (closed group for course participants) two American women had posted about a pilgrimage they are doing along the Pacific West Coast mountains making offerings along the way. This sent tingles down my spine.  I had a vision in that instant of Shamans and Light Workers all over the world weaving a new cloak of light for Pachamama and that the Mountain ranges are the seams of this new cloak. I saw the cloak as having billions of spots of light like diamonds.

On the weekend of the 20th May I am attending a Grandmothers Net of Light Gathering in the Peak District. Perusing the map I find it is very close to the start of the Pennine Way, and so quite unexpectedly will begin our pilgrimage. As my partner has dodgy knees and angina, and I have a myofascia issue causing pain in my left foot this pilgrimage isn’t going to involve too much walking. Its more of a Yin, finding the right spot experience.

We find a place near the river that feels right, it is near Jacob’s Ladder. We sit down and the bird song is wonderful, the sun beaming down on us and white butterflies are all around. Some pure white and others with orange at the tips of their wings. They are drinking the nectar of the pink campion growing all around. I have forgotten all the crystal and plant offerings. There are no stones to be seen so the idea of building an Apacheta also goes out the window. We decide to sing our Elen of the Pathways song as our offering. Elen is the ancient Reindeer Goddess of the sacred isles and a few years back she gifted me this song.

Elen of the Pathways

all roads lead to the source

In the memory of trees

in the Sundance of the bees

we are following the flash of your golden tail

to the source of love, to the Holy Grail.

Elen of the Pathways

all roads lead to the the source

In the stories of the stones

in the marrow of our bones

we are following the flash of your golden tail

to the source of light, to the Holy Grail

Elen of the Pathways

all roads lead to the source

In the flight of the swallow

in the wild geese arrow

we are following the flash of your golden tail

to the source of power, to the holy grail

Its a really great song to sing, the nature spirits really respond. Having sung the song I wanted to lie on my tummy and connect with the Earth. Jay reckons its going to rain and gathers up the stuff and retreats to a stone shelter a hundred yards away. I am determined though and astounded as a huge cloud rolls over and it starts to rain. I feel very at one with the Earth and I just want to lie there and feel what it is like for her to receive the rain. It feels such a blessing and very purifying as it gets heavier and heavier and the wind whips up all around. After about 20 minutes the cloud passes and the sun peeks out again. It goes quiet again too. I stand up absolutely dripping to find a family with 2 children have taken refuge under a nearby tree. Oblivious to each others presence we have a moment of shock at seeing each other!

I can feel the parents willing the children not to ask ‘what is that strange woman doing in the grass all wet’. I shuffle rather self-consciously past water streaming over my hair and eyes and off my sodden body. Reaching the shelter Jay calls me inside and there are two beautiful swallows – just arrived on their migration from Africa and nesting. What a perfect ending to a perfect experience. Thank you Pachamama and the Apu of the mountain. I feel so healed at a deep level by this experience of being rained on.

In this healing I felt a deep love of the Earth for all her children and that she wants all migrants and refugees to know wherever they land, they are loved. I felt strongly she wants us to know she can support all of our needs if we let her and live by her sacred laws.

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