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Love the Body You’re In

Free Mini Online Course  Sharing the Wisdom of the Goddess

The teachings in the 3 videos offered in the mini course are based on over 10 years of research of the Goddess Asteroids in Astrology and how they affect us as individuals. 2017 is a particularly potent year to heal wounds connected to the Divine Feminine. I hope it will offer you an experience of the power of astrology and shamanism to heal even deep rooted trauma and patterns that stop you being happy and reaching your potential as a human being. You will receive links to  the 3 videos over a 3 week period, giving you space to integrate each one and notice in what way they affect you. They are entitled 1. The Core Wound, 2. Reclaiming Your Body from the Patriarchy and 3. Meeting Yourself: A Buddhist healing technique.

With Blessings Alison Dhuanna, Blue Spectral Eagle

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