Astro-Shamanism Retreats

Relax, take some time out and enjoy one of our Astro-Shamanism themed retreats

We are all so busy being busy these days, that we rarely get time to take any quality time out for ourselves. Well, how about combining your love for all things ‘Astro-Shamanism’, with a well-earned retreat in beautiful, peaceful surroundings, with other like-minded and like-hearted people, designed to nourish and nurture your body, mind and soul…

New Retreats are being seeded so please visit again. Those below give an idea of the nature of my retreat which are essentially renewal through connecting with Nature and the Cosmos.


Gathering of the Bird Tribes with Silvia Mutterle and Alison Dhuanna

In 2015 when I met Silvia Mutterle, I was intrigued to hear about her healing birds ‘Grion’ the Falcon, ‘Morgana’ the African Eagle Owl and ‘Freay’ the Buzzard. Meeting them lit both of our fire to ‘share the love’ the birds have to offer. All her birds were rescued and have chosen this path of healing humans. Silvia has an MA in Anthrozoology which is the study of human-other animal rapport. She is also a licenced falconer of many years experience. grion-the-sun-falcon

This 2 day family friendly gathering will be a life changing event for those who love birds. The weekend will include small group Fly Walks with Freay, spending quality time with the birds hearing their stories and connecting with them, ceremony, walking a labyrinth, singing and drumming around the fire at night and building a strong sense of community.morgana-the-african-eagle-owl

Northern School of Astro-Shamanism - Alison Dhuanna“On ‘Fly Walks’ you experience Freay flying free and coming to land on your arm. It is a beautiful experience that words cannot convey; the feeling of bliss and empowerment this experience brings, to those who approach him as a healer and teacher.”

~ Alison Dhuanna

Dates: 6-7th May 2017 on the the days of Blue Solar Monkey and Yellow Planetary Seed

Venue: Hills above Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

Cost:  £107 single ticket or £197 Family ticket excluding accommodation.  Camping or nearby B&B available and we will ask you to bring some food to share. 


Summer Deepsong Gong Retreat at Mas Saint Nicolau, Catalonia led by Kath Reade    14-21st June 2017

Visit for full details

Sacred Sound Retreat - Kath Reade & Alison Dhuanna Sacred Sound Retreat - Kath Reade & Alison Dhuanna Sacred Sound Retreat - Kath Reade & Alison Dhuanna

Here is some feedback from participants at another sound retreat Kath Reade hosted at Mas Sant Nicolau in June 2016.


Contact Alison Dhuanna HERE for more information, and to book your place on these heart-warming and life-changing events.