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Relax, take some time out and enjoy one of our Astro-Shamanism themed retreats

Astrology is essentially the practice of connecting with the natural flow of nature. We are all familiar with the day/night cycle and the passing of the seasons. Mother Nature is our greatest teacher and often emotional and physical problems arise because we do not honour these natural cycles of life, death and rebirth. We feel like failures when actually we too are experiencing life in its cycles of growth, flowering and destruction. Nature is therefore central to all the Retreats I am co-facilitating. Alchemy is an essential part of understanding Astrological processes and Shamanic Practices can deepen the healing available to us. Sound healing is one of the most powerful and effective ways to transform energy known to Humankind.



Living Alchemy Retreat, Algarve, Portugal

19-22nd October ’17

How Alchemy made sense of losing everything

The year 2014 was the year my adopted son was taken back into care some three years after my marriage had broken down. I was defeated as far as the idea that my love and nurturing could heal his early life trauma. In the wake of this I had a breakdown, lost my home, went into a serious financial melt down and lost all sense of identity. Worst of all I had to sell my beloved horse Sappho.

This was my third breakdown, and through all of them Alchemy – the notion that from the ashes of your life you may through Grace arise like the Phoenix Bird once more, have sustained my faith that I would find happiness again. Understanding Alchemy allowed me to surrender to the process of grief shattering me in a way that my spirit could shine through the illusions of the lives I have built and lost. Even the most beautiful rose must eventually fade.

Alchemy has many of the elements of Buddhist Mindfulness Practice at its core, and also it is very much connected with the Elements and Intelligence of Mother Earth. This is what I love about it. I was therefore delighted to be invited to co-host Living Alchemy in the Algarve. In Yellow Crystal Seed Year of the Tone of ‘cooperation‘ it feels very right to be working with two other superb women Debra Delglyn and Hazel Farrer who’ve had some Phoenix Bird experiences themselves. How magical the pathways that bring souls together destined to unfold this Great Work of Alchemy on our beautiful planet. So I invite you to read through our programme, book your flights and see you in the Algarve.

Are you ready for Personal Alchemy?

  • If you’ve been searching for ways to release trauma and addictive patterns
  • If you’ve wished for a space of inner stillness that empowers transformation
  • If you’re ready for practical life changing techniques to ride the waves of chaos
  • If you’re tired of being ruled by old patterns that sabotage your joy and life purpose
  • If you’ve longed to fulfill a purpose greater than you thought imaginable

Join Hazel Farrer, Debra Delglyn and Alison Dhuanna, International business coaches, Shamanic healers and multi-faceted therapists for a Heart Awakening retreat in the beautiful countryside of The Algarve in Portugal.

Day 1 Awakening Alchemy: integrating Phoenix energy, clearing heavy energies, raw food eating, mindfulness practices, light living

Day 2 Earth Alchemy: working with living energy, earth keeping, Mandalas and symbolic languages, heart bridge and solar practices

Day 3 Sonic Alchemy: using sound to initiate light language, sacred geometry and Stellar energies of the upper world, activating the crystal tone of cooperation

We will share with you the tools to understand the forces at play, enabling you to become a personal alchemist and redesign your future. Join us in working with the elements of the sea, earth, sun, moon and stars as we unravel the strands of the present to weave a magical everyday.

What can you expect?

  • Three days of intense, experiential transformations in a peaceful location
  • Life changing teachings and therapies to use throughout your life
  • Sacred space to explore your inner self, nourish your soul and awaken dormant talents and passions
  • A group to support, encourage and recognise your innate power
  • The opportunity to clear old patterns, purify your body and ground that healing into your physical body
  • Time to strengthen your creative self and awaken warrior energy to forge a difference in the world
  • Deep connection with the five elements to awaken consciousness and nurture all your relationships

What will you experience?

  • Living in what scientist’s term the Time-Space Continum where the Past, Present and Future converge
  • Life coaching and global trend teachings on becoming an awakened alchemist
  • Celebrating phoenix energy and fire for transformation and change
  • Tools to clear heavy energies and access divine feminine power
  • Mindfulness techniques and practices for daily peace and balance
  • Raw and high vibrational foods to raise your frequency
  • Daily Yoga and Qi Gong
  • Shamanic practices and Inka tools to connect with natures sources of innate power
  • Exploring the Warrior Earth Body and Earth Mandela tools
  • Sonic Alchemy techniques using drums, voice, Tibetan bowls and tuning forks
  • Personal and collective astrology aligning with sacred geometry
  • A collective Phoenix Despacho ceremony and Bee priestess/priest initiations

What is included?

  • 3 full days of life coaching, shamanic and healing teachings, meditations and ceremonies in a beautiful venue and grounds where we have exclusive access
  • 4 vegetarian breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 dinners of high vibrational foods. Unlimited teas, coffees, juices and tasty snacks
  • Daily yoga/ Qigong; space for quiet reflection and integration
  • Accommodation at the venue in twin rooms, available on a first come, first served basis. Further rooms may be available nearby in the hills at a similar cost. Cost can be adjusted if you wish to arrange your own accommodation.

Introductory retreat offer: £465 paid in full by 18thSept;  £475 if booked with £125 deposit before 18thSeptember; £495 thereafter. Payment to BPT: PayPal.Me/DebraDelglyn

Retreat costs do not include flights or transport to and from the venue; venue is 20 mins taxi from Faro airport and we will help arrange transfers on booking.




Questions? Email to and we look forward to seeing you!

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