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Sacred Sites and Ley Lines

This morning we met Astrologer Palden Jenkins in St Just who has mapped the alignment of Sacred Sites around Glastonbury and West Penrith, Cornwall ,which actually has the greatest number of sites in Britain. I have felt on my journeys that the Neolithic people’s did not randomly select places for worship.

The geology of the area was important as well as the ley lines which are the electromagnetic currents of the earth. The whole area we are in and Devon and Dartmoor is granite with a lot of quartz, which is perfect for the expansive energies of Sacred Sites. Prior to Saxon times this was one integrated area in the minds of its inhabitants. Palden’s pioneering work is now breaking into main stream archeological academia circles which is good news.  

In the book The Old Ways we discovered that scientists now know that birds can see the magnetic lines of the Earth, hence why they so successfully follow migration patterns the same each year. Biological evidence is therefore also supporting the case for the existence of Ley lines.

We feel an immediate connection with Palden. His journey of mapping sacred sites began in Sweden in the 1970’s after he had slept in the Ring of Broghar in the Orkney Islands. We witnessed an amazing solar eclipse there a few years ago and our wedding rings are the Ring of Broghar stones. We talk about gender and world politics and it is wonderful that we are all on the same page.

Palden feels the energy of the Ley Lines has been raised by the ceremonies and loving attention of human beings in the areas he has worked over a lifetime. More and more people are visiting these places and taking the pilgrimage we are taking along the St Mary and St Michael ley lines. This is heartening as this is the essence of our journey – to offer song and celebration to Mother Earth at these powerful places and that we are giving to her as well as receiving healing.

In the afternoon we visit Zennor where my Mermaid lived. The story says that she used to visit St Senara Church as a human woman, which had a superb choir, and her voice was the sweetest of all. Over generations her visits continued but she never seemed to age.

She fell in love with a local young man whose voice was, it is said, an equal to her own. The couple disappeared never to be seen again one day into the sea. The Church of St Senara is still there, a beautiful building with stained glass windows. A chair has been made which is 400 years old with the carving pictured above and I sit in it for a while.

Another couple come in and I move to a pew as I’m not ready to leave. There is a prayer card with prayers for peace in the world. It feels good to know that even here in this tiny church on the wind swept cliffs of the Atlantic people are praying for Peace on Earth. This must be our one and only focus now and the sooner we recognise the tragedy of what consumerism has done to communities and families across the world, the better.

We finish off the afternoon with a Pint of Mermaid beer in the local pub, and as Jay said it was so delicious it could lure anyone back to Zennor! It has been raining heavily today so it felt a more difficult. Our awning had been swamped by water on our return. 

Palden Jenkins has a fascinating web site and the work he is doing in Palestine is very interesting and wonderful. Visit http://www.palden.co.uk

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