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The Serpent Temple of Avebury – 23 July

The St Mary and Margaret ley lines create a ‘natural temple’ which the ancestors harnessed by placing the huge granite stone there

A deer stands still in the early morning moulten gold grass watching us as we drive slowly into Avebury in Ursula Minor our Bedford Rascal. The deer is our ‘Elen of the Pathways’, an ancient Reindeer Goddess of the hidden pathways created by Mother Earth, otherwise known as ley lines.

The night before we have bid farewell to our friends Margaret Mary and Adam from Frome to the background of lions roaring, sea lions barking and a heron flying overhead. It is time too for us to depart.

A grove of trees at Avebury is calling and we enter them. There are 11 stately Beech trees, their roots are gnarled together and we acknowledge them as Guardians, a portal into the Stones.

In front of us stand two massive female stones which are diamond shaped and it feels they too are a portal. Before I pass though I want to sit in a natural ‘throne’ in the stone on the left. It is really muddy with red clay on the ground from the rain but I climb up anyway giggling because I have to sit with my legs open like a Sheela Na Gig, if I am to avoid my already mucky sandals becoming completely red and grey.

The feeling of sitting in this huge rock chair is awesome. Worlds collide, past memories of being a Priestess are awoken in my body and there sitting in front of me a short distance away are two current day priestesses. I get the feeling the older one is guiding the young woman through an initiation ceremony, and I give them both my silent blessing as sisters on the path.

For the past few days I have been contemplating William Stukely, the second person after an Antiquarian in 1617 AD John Aubrey to take a big interest in Avebury.  Stukely seems to have many similarities to myself including a background in Hermetic and Quabalistic Arts woven with Christianity. Apparently he took Holy Orders in 1729 and was successfully able to marry his Druid and Christian beliefs together. I feel this is a very important soul theme in my life too. . He noticed that there was both a Solar (St Michael/male) and Lunar (St Mary/female) temple with an avenue of stones connecting them in Avebury. It was later noticed that the stones have also male (phallic) and female (diamond) characteristics within the Avenue.

I climb up from the Priestess throne and go to join Jay who has been dowsing. One of the portal points where the St Mary and St Michael ley lines cross is just between these two Great Mother Goddess Diamond stones. These are powerful energy points where an alchemical marriage of the electromagnetic field of the Earth takes place. This could be phenomenally important as at a nuclear level our world is made up of electrons, protons and neutrons. What is the Earth doing through these ley lines to create a balance of forces? Surely this must be its purpose?

We move towards  the stone circle before us and following the dowsing rods off to the left. The stones are dissected by a road which isn’t great, but it doesn’t appear to be interfering with the ley lines in any way. In this stone circle we find another portal point where the ley lines meet, this time in a Phallic stone. I place my hand inside a hole in the stone and the electro-magnetic field is palpable here.

I feel the trauma that Stukely must have felt having discovered this wonder of nature and of our ancestors, that people in the village of a religious inclination were tearing the stones down and breaking them up. The same can be said of farmers. He thankfully, like Aubrey, drew the stones as they were otherwise such an important piece of vital knowledge would have been lost forever. I just thank Goddess that this is now considered a place of importance for many reasons. As eluded to above we perhaps will honour, respect and follow our ancestors more when we realise the scientific need to nurture  – or at least not negatively interfere with – Earth’s electromagnetic field. Its starting to make sense of why the Kogi Indians are saying we need to make offerings and pilgrimages along these pathways to restore the Earth.

I wonder down the avenue of stones near the fence as the dowsing rod is showing this is where the ley lines run, not through the centre curiously. Later Jay tells me this is also where Hamish Miller dowsed the lines in the late 80’s so interesting to note it hasn’t changed. We have purchased the ordnance survey maps showing the exact places the ley runs run from Lands End to Norfolk which I can highly recommend for anyone embarking on a pilgrimage themselves.

I contemplate as I’m walking through the Avenue of stones the similarities of Avebury to the Orkney isles. We were lucky enough a few years back to walk between the Solar Temple of the Stones of Stenness and the Lunar Temple of the Ring of Broghar during a Total Eclipse of the Sun which was a very powerful ritual to do.

It is now known that the Orkney sites were the first in the British Isles and this was the centre of the Neolithic spiritual culture which spiralled outwards.  There are many similarities with Avebury such as cattle bones being discovered in great numbers suggesting feasting was part of the ritual. The use of stones to enhance the ley line activity is another, and one which we see all over Europe and the world.

Between the Stones of Stenness and Ring of Brother, the archeological dig has uncovered an elaborate Temple system where the Initiates would have undergone various rituals and purifications as they made their descent into the Underworld, and were then reborn. This includes the oldest pyramid in the world.

Avebury was built after the Orkney Island sites by the ‘Watcher Angels’, beings from other Star Systems. What is known, and discussed in depth in the book Uriel’s Machine by Christopher Knight, is that shortly after the British sites were abandoned the Pyramids in Egypt popped up. One theory is that a comet was expected to hit Earth  and the Watcher Angels moved to Egypt because from above it is the centre of the Earth’s landmass. This is eluded to in the Book of Enoch found with the Dead Sea Scrolls and the probability that Enoch was brought to Britain to be shown these things so he could write them down for future generations.

We leave Avebury and are soon back in the land of motorways, towns and cities, and we stop at the Tutti Pole cafe in Hungerford for lunch. Ironically though, whilst we are leaving the wilder places of Britain, at our campsite near Tring in Buckinghamshire just north of Longon, we have no facilities at all. This could be a bit challenging as Jay is hobbling around on one broken and one cracked ankle to add to her painful knees. So far we have been managing pretty well though.


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    Amazing piece Alison, thankyou. You really are a fount of extraordinary knowledge and insight. x

    • AstroAlison | | Reply

      Thank you I do feel it is laid in my path Im just the witness

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