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The Song of the Siren- Saturday 8th July

Some Mermaids have cute curly hair and big boobies, but mine is powerful with a tail like an Orca Whale. As the Gongs begin to resonate and call into infinity I hear my Mermaid call to me. Her voice the voice of a Siren, long forgotten in the mists of Lemuria.

We are amazed to have discovered that the St Mary ley line runs straight through Coombe Farm near Tiverton where wonderful Gong Camp 2017 happened. The farm is really off the beaten track with no electric and composting toilets. Nature is alive and vibrant away from the sound of traffic. There are a number of structures such as tipis scattered across the land. Too our astonishment, with the help of our new dowsing rods, we discover the ley line passes right through the African Hut where I will be playing.

It could be said this journey was inspired by a conversation with a friend last summer about the message of the Kogi Indians of Columbia. The Mama’s, who are the chosen priests in their tradition, spend their first 9 years in caves inside the Sierra Navada mountains, so in essence their greatest attachment is to Earth Mother. They also have finely tuned perceptions because of this experience.

The Kogi Indian’s say our Earth is dying because of what humans are doing to it. They can tell this by what is happening to their own mountain which is completely unique and a microcosm of the World ecosystem. In a desperate attempt to alert humanity to this they made the film Aluna and then a further film of a pilgrimage following energy lines from the summit to the sea filmed by Alan Ereira  This journey of ours making offerings to water is really inspired by them.

It is our way of saying the Earth is more important than anything else. She is our Mother and our home. We love her and we know that whatever is wrong in ourselves can be healed by just being in her powerful presence and love. This Gong Bath is my offering and a blessing to the water and so it is wonderful I could actually play it right above the ley line, and those participating could receive this powerful healing. When tuning into the St Mary ley line I can only describe it as having your aura being dragged into a new shape. A pleasant but strange experience.

I have included a link to the Aluna website. If you care passionately about the Earth please take the time to visit the site, take heed of what the Kogi are saying and even better watch the films. http://www.alunathemovie.com/the-kogi/

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