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St Mary, Isles of Scilly – 13 July -14th July ’17

The Atlantic waves increase noticeably as Scillonian leaves the protection of Lands End behind. Watching the waves I have time to reflect that so far I have not thought much about St Mary herself. Now on the way to St Mary Island in the Isles of Scilly I feel this connection growing.

Sailing out past St Michael’s Mount it is interesting to do the dowsing at sea finding the ocean Ley line which connects to Mont St Michael in France. It is strong too as we sail past Carn Les Boels where the Ley lines come into Britain connecting to Mexico. A green woodpecker flew in front of Ursula this morning so it feels like it will be a very special day.

On the island we hire a golf buggy to get around which the dogs really love. There is a Gulf Stream here and the flowers are amazing with the most beautiful gardens as we drive along.

We head for Bants Carn Tomb dated 15000 BC. I don’t feel these place are ‘tombs’ and often archeologists call things tombs even when bones haven’t been discovered. My feeling is that they are special ceremonial places and when people were buried there they were of important status spiritually in the tribe.

Jay settles down on a bench to draw the carn and I go inside to meditate. Going into slow breathing and allowing the pauses to gradually increase I have found an excellent way of connecting with ancient stones. They are stillness itself. The Carn has a beautiful energy. There are 3 capstones above at slight angles, and the sun overhead makes triangular patterns on the ground.

I feel so in my element as a Priestess in these places and a great sense of peace descends as I make my way down to the Ancient village. Its a beautiful scene overlooking the sea and I’m transported back to Lemurian lifetimes. The past converges with the present. I find a huge basin shaped granite rock glimmering with quartz and climb inside. It feels like being in a giant conch shell. I take up ‘Ecstatic Bear Pose’ paws and eyes to heaven and enter the most incredible multi-dimensional experience. (1) The pale blue light of St Mary overcomes me and a white light so bright is glowing inside me.

I am shocked from this state by a scream from Jay.  Scrambling quickly up ,leaving parts of myself behind in multiple dimensions,  I run to her aid finding her face down in the grass. She has fallen in a rabbit hole! We manage to get back to the golf buggy and the ferry. The ferry staff are great providing ice in ‘sick bags’ to stem the quickly swelling ankles of both feet. After a sleepless night in Tesco Car Park its off to A& E in Penzance.

This experience brings up so many difficult feelings for both of us. I feel wholly inadequate emotionally in a caring role because mostly in the moment I feel angry and afraid we will have to go home. I really don’t like being in hospitals and I am in them very often these days which is another excruciating thing I am resisting. The 3 hour wait in A&E feels like 3 days even though I am outside! The feeling I finally get to as Jay and I battle with our heightened shadow selves erupting like a volcano, is a terrible and deep sense of betrayal and loss from my last partner and my son. Ive made a decision from then to never open my heart fully again, and in this moment its showing because I can’t access compassion for Jay.

Our next campsite is a beautiful location and unbeknown to us when Jay booked it, the St Mary Ley line runs through it. Dowsing reveals that its runs through where Ursula is parked and snakes through a field of wild flowers and down to a stream. Its an opportunity to lie in the van opening the myofascia to receive the intelligence and healing of the Ley Line for a longer period. Being able to sleep on the line feels especially good.

Ecstatic Body Postures by Belinda Gore

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