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The Eye of the Dragon

Jesus is shown on the cross with the two Dragon ley lines beneath his feet

At the Church in Eye we are astounded to see Christ upon the Cross, St Mary and Mary Magdalene each side of him and the two ley line Dragons underneath his feet. It is as if in this one image our whole pilgrimage, what we asked to learn from our Earth Mother has been transmitted.

The St Mary and St Michael ley lines are woven into the meaning and experience of awakening Christ Consciousness. This seems a very important time for this awakening energy within the hearts of many thousands of people globally. The transit of Juno, Hygiea and Astraea first across the Galactic Centre, and now in the early stages of Capricorn is key. Capricorn is the Third Gateway of Rebirth in the Zodiac. The Holy Child Yeshua, Horus and many other magical children are born at Winter Solstice as the Sun enters Capricorn. My first vision in January was of these three High Priestesses crossing the Galactic Centre holding the Holy Grail Chalice with the Spear that pierced Christ’s side dripping blood into it.

Juno represents the unity of the Sacred Female and Male energies and embodied by the ley lines and our own human electro-magnetic field of energy. The Earth and ourselves are a living Caduceus. Astraea is a Goddess of the Golden Age and of the Sacred Arts. She is bringing beauty and harmony into our world. Hygeia is about reconnecting our bodies to Cosmic and Earth rythms. I feel her energies are going to expand greatly in Year of the Yellow Crystal Seed. It is we as humans who anchor these frequencies in the Third Dimension and into our bodies.

As the Goddesses are transiting between Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Sagittarius, still at the Galactic Centre, we can expect this will be a time when many wounds around the patriarchy, power and limitations may be healed. The Goddess is in the ascent, the patriarchy is crumbling. This will happen over generations, until like the great Mayan Temples virtually nothing of the National and Industrial Age will matter except that we emerged from it victorious in Spirit. Now a Great War will ensue as the new power balance is found. How catastrophic that will be for humanity and our planet will depend on the awakening and whether people can break free from the limiting ideas and beliefs that have held us prisoner for millennia. The big question is will we follow our leaders into war again or will we stand up for peace and justice?

Eye is named for The Eye of the Dragon. This seemingly nowhere town in Suffolk is a place of great importance energetically. There is an old story from here which has been verified by many witnesses. Two children with green skin appeared one day found walking alone in the countryside. They would only eat green beans and said that they came from another world, they had got lost in the Middle Kingdom of Earth. The girl managed to adapt and married which is interesting as her ‘otherworldly DNA’ would now be part of the human stream. Her skin became white as time went on. The boy however became ever more sad and died. (Sun and the Serpent, Hamish Miller 1989)

Awakening in Thornan Parver just outside Eye in the middle of the night, I went out into the field. In the distance a windmill was turning in the mist and strange lights were dancing in the sky. I wondered if it was lightening but there was no rain or thunder. As the Artcuruans have previously made themselves known through storms I returned to bed with the feeling of anticipation that they are around.

An hour later a storm descended on us. Thunder rolling for up to thirty seconds. The dogs are frightened and we hold them too us as the rain crashes onto Ursula. It feels safe being in our own little ‘Womb Temple’. There are many flashes of lightening, but one in particular feels as though it has struck right in the Third Eye. Like a supernova of light, I feel I have forgotten something. My brain has been rewired. Eventually after a few hours the storm passes and we fall asleep. The next morning Jay and I realise we have both experienced this same thing with the one lightening flash into the Third Eye.

There is a Tudor style house outside the Church in Eye which has many Templar symbolism carved upon it including the two Dragons. There is a mound with a ruined castle upon it which is supposed to look like an Eye.

Two Dragons above the angel in the house near Eye Church

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