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The Goddess Cardinal Cross

For the past few weeks an interesting Cardinal Cross has been forming in the heavens indicating a transitional time for the Goddess energies to heal in our lives, especially through the areas of food and relationships.

Juno Goddess of the Sacred Marriage has been travelling with feisty Mars in Scorpio for a while. This may have brought both renewed passion but also conflict to relationships perhaps as one person is determined to be more assertive. Sometimes it takes time for a relationship to settle into new energy dynamics and in the long term if each person cannot be themselves the relationship will struggle and possibly even fail. So being assertive is often necessary although it may initially lead to conflict.

The tendency towards miscommunications and power struggles is strong as Juno is in a challenging square to Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn. This may all sound rather grim but if you embrace the challenge of setting your relationship on a healthier path for 2016 and talking through the niggly bits and childhood traumas which may be running the show on an unconscious level both parties will be the happier for it.

Uranus and Vesta are the third strand of the cross and they have been travelling together for some time in Aries. The role of Priestess in the world continues to break free from past oppression and restore the Sovereignty of the many Priestesses and Priests here right now trying to get used to the technology to share their messages lol. You may have had many memories of the incarnations and connections in a spiritual role you have had over millennia in the past year. These memories are bringing forward past gifts and wisdom to be utilised in this incarnation to enhance the path of evolution for our beautiful planet.

The fourth arm of the cross points towards Sirius in the Heavens, Gateway to the 6th Dimension of Sacred Geometry and Love. Sirius is the Great Central Sun sending cosmic vibrations along with Dogs, Cats, Whales and Dolphins to remind us what love really is and feels like. Sirius C is called Anu Women of the Sun according to the Dogon people and is a cosmic body which has already completed the evolutionary journey we are making.

Namaste Alison

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  1. Rita Bergkvist | | Reply

    Thank you Alison for sharing your knowledge, so helpful.. my moon conjunct pluto is struggling.

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