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The Heron portends our departure – 5th July ‘17

In the Camper Van

The Heron swoops low over the house ensuring I don’t miss the rush of her wings.  I feel a great comfort in her presence, this sacred bird revered by the Druids. Despite the delays, our timing is perfect. All is well with our dog Bongo who we thought might have a tumour. He has a blocked hair follicle which has caused a cyst so nothing serious.

The message of the Heron is ‘Wisdom comes from Stillness’. It is my deepest desire to make this journey slowly. Ursula our vintage campervan only gets up to 50 mph so she feels like the perfect vehicle. A canal boat trip by road. At each of the sacred sites we visit we want to spend quality time connecting with the Ley line energy.

I’ve been contemplating Pluto as Death and Rebirth in relation to the Goddess Asteroids  in Capricorn which are Juno, Hygeia, Astraea and Chariklo (centaur). This will be an important journey for me as they are now conjunct my Moon having moved retrograde to the first part of Capricorn. Pluto is conjunct Jay’s Moon, a notoriously stressful transit, so this feels the perfect thing for her to be doing to regain her health following a recent angina attack.

Pluto is acting very much as an Awakener of these archetypes within us, however this may take some challenging forms.

  • Stepping into our power and healing wounds in relation to authority figures. We are becoming Sovereign Beings overcoming our genetic disposition to blindly follow leaders or patriarchal figures, which was bred into the human DNA by the Annukai many millennia ago.
  • Pluto may arrive as death or illness, reminding us that life is precious and that we have very little power over it.
  • Pluto will push us towards self-sufficiency and in resolving survival fears which keep us chained to the hierarchy of slavery perpetuated by the global system of politics and money. Trump, Theresa May and other leaders are simply acting out the negative Pluto archetype. We are breaking through the most powerful illusion of dependancy on the monetary system. Pluto in Capricorn is exposing corruption and abuse in global systems and accelerating their breakdown.

This is such an important time to embrace the inherent ‘Stillness’ of the Goddess frequencies. The Goddess elements are Earth and Water so there may be in you, like myself, a strong pull towards nature.

Hygiea Goddess of Natural Rhythms asks us to honour our bodies’ deep need to attune  and adjust to Earth and Cosmic frequencies. As 3D time speeds up many will find they can no longer cope with the stress of this, especially without some form of meditation or practice to centre the energy body. Stillness connects us with infinity and a sense of spaciousness. We are at the same time anchoring higher frequencies into 3D and this will be very important in Yellow Crystal Seed year beginning 26th July.

Astraea Goddess of Sacred Arts asks us to enter her temple of love through music, art, poetry and all forms of creation at this time. As Astraea’s frequency grows we will find it more difficult to be in dense, negative energy and long for the forest, rivers and oceans. However some are also called in service to enter consciously into dense frequencies to break them up and ultimately our success is linked to commitment to all life on Earth.

Juno Goddess of the Sacred Marriage – this can be both an internal and external alchemy. Most people in the world need more Yin time and experiences whether we are female or male. For myself and Jay it feels the Virgo Pisces axis we embody is very important in finding our highest path together as a couple. We are working on bringing the quality of ‘gentleness’ more into our relationship. As our Mercury’s are directly opposing each other we often have misunderstandings, however to seek to understand the Other is always very good astrologically, so we are working on that.

We have arrived at our friends M and Adam in Frome, Somerset. M is an Artist and an Astrologer and Adam an Archeologist. They have a vast knowledge of the sacred sites in this area of Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire. Today we are going to visit Cadbury Castle. There is archeological evidence that this hill fort may have been Camelot at the time of King Arthur.

Tarot card: Affection Goddess Cards: Ali: Aine – Take a Leap of Faith  Jay – Danu – The High Priestess

To find out more about the Earth Zodiac alignment around Glastonbury visit http://www.palden.co.uk/leymap/

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