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Yellow Crystal Seed – The Day Out of Time

The energy pattern of Yellow Crystal Seed is revealed in the Cley Hill Crop Circle July 2017

We are completely oblivious in the morning that the anticipated ‘Day Out of Time’ has arrived. Our journey over some 3 weeks along the St Mary and Michael ley lines has pretty much done the job of disconnecting us from human made time and the pressures of that world.

We have other pressures – like how to go to the loo in the middle of the night when one of us is in plaster cast, but we are managing pretty well. When the spirit is happy, all seems easy and effortless. Tonight I bit a dog biscuit in half for Bongo so he would eat it and ended up chewing it myself through forgetfulness!

We awake with the sun as is our habit and prepare to leave our awning and head off in Ursula for the day. She has taken on a new name ‘The Temple of Ursa the Great She Bear’ on wheels. Our campsite is right next to the ancient path called the Ridgway. It is running, along with the ley lines across the field from where we are sleeping and eating. It then continues all the way to Ivanhoe. I am fascinated by these old pathways. They have been found to date back to Celtic times from Chariot parts that have been discovered. They were then used by the Roman, Saxons and all subsequent peoples. It would make a wonderful pilgrimage for refugees in Britain giving them and everybody else a sense of the true passage of time. I am certain the Neolithic people also used the same pathways as they also built their sacred sites along the ley lines. Walking along these pathways requires a lot less effort as if the Earth energy is fuel for the feet.

Our ley line ordnance survey maps show that the St Mary ley line runs through a reservoir close to Willstone near Tring, where Jay remembers going with her Grandma as children.

The reservoir is stunning in the morning sun and filled with water birds. Jay finds a bench to sit on while I go for a walk with the dogs. There are Canada and White fronted geese, swans and a curlew pair, one of which is fishing up and down the side of the reservoir with its piercing call.

I have one of the apples from Glastonbury Abbey in my hand and I feel it wants to be an offering here. At Glastonbury Abbey pond I had an amazing encounter with the super intelligent fish powered by the St Mary Ley line and I want to send a hello from that part of the line back in Somerset to here in Hertfordshire.

I sing to Elen of the Pathways as I walk and as ever miracles start to happen. The two curlews swoop up above and I am reminded of the Medicine Walk to understand Juno the Goddess Asteroid of the Sacred Marriage which I did in 2016. http://schoolofastroshamanism.com/medicine-walk-for-juno

Two Geese swoop down right across my path landing smoothly in the water. I see the arrow markings of their tails and it reminds of a teaching I had on another medicine walk about the Rainbow Bridge. I was about the decision to align the soul and the personality in the same direction. http://schoolofastroshamanism.com/the-rainbow-bridge

The very realisation it is a return journey, a joining up of teachings from the past is very interesting. In the void of the Day Out of Time all worlds converge into One.

We head off to Ivanhoe both feeling really blissed out by the reservoir experience. We climb the winding hill in Ursula and pull into the Beacon parking spot. Ivanhoe is the end of the Ridgeway, the Ancient pathway across Britain which lies very close to our campsite. In the evening I have taken the dogs for a walk along it so it is wonderful to be at the end. I wish I’d had the time to walk the whole thing as it would be very magical.

From the Beacon of Ivanhoe we can see 6 counties all around, so the sign tells us. We are also supposed to be able to see the chalk Lion of Whipsnade Park but it is alluding us. The ley line runs straight through Whipsnade Zoo and its not for the first time I wonder if the connection with wild animals – especially lions – is by chance. The Lion is also a symbol of England along with the Unicorn, and we have seen it in many of the churches on route.

Last night I had a dream which was quite disturbing of a man eating lion running out of control. We had taken refuge at a nearby garage where I had somehow found myself rather alarmingly in charge of protecting a large group of people.

The dream reminded m of Alice Bailey’s book about Hercules and the 12 Labours connecting to the zodiac. The Lion of Nemea is the soul path of to Leo which is where the New Moon was a couple of nights back. In the story Hercules has to chase the lion in ever decreasing circles. Its lair is an interconnecting chamber of caves and Hercules has to set a fire in one entrance to corner the Lion and kill it. The story metaphorically is about killing the ego. Its the same teaching as the Geese are giving about the alignment of soul with personality.

Jay has had a lot of pain in her back in the night and we decide to lie on the grass for a while at Ivanhoe where the Ley lines cross, just letting the Earth support us. It is a wonderful healing letting the energy into your body and it does help the pain. Our ancestors seemed to know so well how important it was to be in these places and honour them for their healing powers. The Beacon of Ivanhoe is another ‘portal’ meeting place of the St Mary and St Michael lines and we have visited about 5 now.

I have discovered today that my Aunty Yon died on the the Day Out of Time which I feel is an auspicious time to cross over. When we visited England from South Africa when I was a child she was wonderful. She had no children of her own and so she poured all her motherly love onto me and my brother Mark. I remember her making an endless cycle of trifles and cakes for us. She also made a giant reindeer for me and a Cheshire Cat, which much to my Mom’s consternation, we had to get back on the plane. I was oblivious to this though and both were great childhood treasures. Thank you beloved Aunty Yon for those beautiful and treasured memories. May you cross over in peace and thanks be for all you gave in life as a nurse and too your family xxxx

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